GlassTek, an Innovative Glass Company, Brings New Mirror TV to the US Market


Aurora, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2019 -- GlassTek, a leading US company offering premier glass technology products and services, now announced a new, revolutionary product called a Mirror TV. Mirror TVs are flat-screen TVs that sit flush behind a mirror for on-demand use. Just as it sounds, the TV can be seen only when turned on, making it a decorative and functional package. The Mirror TV is very flexible in its application by mounting flush or framed to match the interior of your home. The speaker system can be upgraded to include auxiliary speakers within the environment, giving an improved acoustic ambiance.

"Mirror TV is a game-changer in the commercial and residential industry. We are very pleased to announce this product and really look forward to the creative applications we see for it," said Jin Pak, President of GlassTek.

Product Availability

This state-of-the-art piece of technology is at the forefront of residential and commercial innovation. In commercial applications, the Mirror TV can provide an advertising platform in places like a restroom. In residential environments, they can be placed in your bathroom, living room or even a kitchen. The flexibility is what makes this product unique and valuable. Mirror TV is available immediately and delivers on GlassTek's promise to provide the most innovative glass products available.

About GlassTek
GlassTek was founded by Jin Pak in 2015 who is also President of H&H Construction. GlassTek is strongly positioned to grow and expand to be the premier glass technology company in the Nation, with products such as Smart Glass, Smart Film, 3D Laser Engraved Glass, Interactive Touch Screens, Mirror TV, LED Mirrors and Interactive Multimedia Products. For more information about our products and services, please visit:

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