GlassTek Interactive Glass and Interactive Touch Screen Technology Can Be Applied to Existing Glass Displays for Promotions, Exhibits, and Engineering Applications

GlassTek is a Colorado-based leader in innovative glass technology, offering premium glass product solutions like touch screen glass, mirror TV products, LED mirrors, touch screen frame technology, and smart film


Aurora, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2019 -- Interactive Touch Screen technology has a multitude of applications and is incredibly versatile. GlassTek is a Colorado-based leader in innovative glass technology, offering premium glass product solutions like touch screen glass, mirror TV products, LED mirrors, and smart film, or smart glass film which self adheres to existing glass like a window tint with an internal layer of PDLC, Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal, allowing the glass to switch from transparent to opaque. Privacy is important at home and also sometimes in the office.

Interactive glass is not comprised of a glass panel alone, the component that makes the glass interactive is a smart film which covers all or a portion of the glass to create a display. Standard touch frames have a 6-point touch system, although for more complex applications, up to 40 individual points can be configured. Glass can utilize either a front or rear projector configuration and a standard monitor can be transformed into an interactive touch monitor. Touch screen technology allows many of the everyday display manipulations that can be done on smartphones, so images can be expanded, contracted, moved, and even rotated. Interactive touch film uses micro wires inside the specialized film to pinpoint the location on the screen that has been touched. Touch screen frame technology is also drawing a lot of attention, interactive touch frames work in a different way, utilizing infrared sensors which can detect when light beams are interrupted. This is also known as IR touch frame technology. Photosensors detect the lack of a signal once the beam is no longer received.

Aside from the many futuristic and technologically advanced potential applications, there are also clients looking for entertainment or information in a new format. A mirror TV can be installed flush to the wall or framed and mounted. Teamed with auxiliary speakers and customized to fit a home or office setting, the mirror appears normal when the television is off, then a clear and crisp image appears as the TV is activated. If the bathroom is the location for the mirror TV unit, then waterproof units are available.

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