GlassTek Interactive Glass Technology and Interactive Touch Screen Glass Displays Have Applications Across Business Sectors as Touch Screen Glass Is Easily Customized

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Aurora, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2019 -- Interactive glass products are used extensively across many industries and have applications ranging from advertising to design and engineering. One way to instantly attract the attention of an audience in a meeting is to showcase images or sound bites by navigating through a series of touch screen panel prompts. The injection of innovative technology is one way to impress potential clients with a high-definition and high-clarity presentation or demonstration. Interactive Touch frames from Glasstek, one of the premier glass technology companies in the US, come with a six-point touch system as standard. This configuration can be upgraded and made more complex by increasing the number of points to ten, twenty, or even forty. Interactive glass products are created by applying a film onto an existing glass panel or part of an existing glass panel. A large monitor can be transformed into an interactive touch monitor.

Touchscreen glass technology has become widely available and many of the capabilities can also be found on smartphones. These functions may see the user being able to expand or contract an image, slide, rotate, and even potentially change the image. For a thoroughly modern shopping experience, potential clients could be presented with a touch screen display to further explore the features or applications of a product they are thinking of buying. For a restaurant, a touch screen display could allow diners to switch between different views of a meal which can be served in a number of ways or portion sizes. For touch screen displays which will be used extensively, it is also important to consider the durability of the screen and the resistance to damage and wear over time. With different types of touch screen technology available, the experienced team at GlassTek are able to advise which type of solution best fits a client's need. Interactive touch frame technology incorporates infra-red sensors which detect the position on the touch screen which is being chosen. This technology choice adds an added bonus in that the screen can be touched by gloved hands.

Glass technology is not restricted to a classroom or a boardroom. GlassTek also stock state-of-the-art products for the home, ranging from LED mirrors which can be hooked up to Blue-tooth speakers to Mirror TV products which transform the aesthetic of a room by appearing as a mirror when the TV is not in use, and a high-definition television when it is being watched.

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