GlassTek LED Mirror, Mirror TV, Interactive Glass, and Smart Film Technology Is Transforming Colorado Homes and Offices

GlassTek is a Colorado-based leader in innovative glass technology, offering glass product solutions like interactive glass, mirror TV products, LED mirrors, smart windows, & smart film for instant privacy


Aurora, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2019 -- In a technologically advanced world where everyone wants the latest news as it happens and the ability to multitask wherever they are, it's good to know that developments in glass technology keep pace with the most imaginative and practical applications for the home and the office. One increasingly popular glass product is privacy glass, or smart glass, sometimes called smartglass. This product actually comprises a smart film layer which is applied to an existing glass surface and it can be turned from transparent to opaque with a tap on a smartphone or the flick of a switch. For sleek apartments where the glass windows are floor to ceiling and the views are a major feature, this offers the homeowner the ability to make the room private without cluttering the apartment design with shutters, blinds, or drapes. The same application suits a high-rise office building where the sunlight can be controlled and managed quickly and efficiently. Without requiring a lengthy dismantling and glass replacement process, most installations of the smart film can be done within a single day. The application process is very similar to adding a tint to a window. GlassTek's Colorado based in-house production facility not only ensures a top quality product is delivered every time, their team of experts are on hand to offer advice when selecting a product and excellent customer care following installation.

For a cutting edge design and an innovative vibe, homeowners who prefer not to have a TV as a focal point when it is not in use, mirror TV models appear like a stylish mirror until the TV is switched on, at which point a clear and bright viewing image replaces the "mirror". The unit can be flush to the wall or framed, there are many ways to customize the final effect to fit in with the style of the home and the ambiance of the room. For those always on the go, who want to watch TV as they get ready in the morning, a waterproof model is available for fitting in the bathroom. With Smart TV mirrors ranging in size from just over 10 inches to 65 inches, there are many ways to incorporate this feature throughout the home.

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GlassTek was founded by Jin Pak in 2015 who is also President of H&H Construction. GlassTek is strongly positioned to grow and expand to be the premier glass technology company in the Nation, with products such as Smart Glass, Switchable glass, Switchable privacy glass, Smart Film, 3D Laser Engraved Glass, Interactive Touch Screens, Mirror TV, LED Mirrors, interactive glass, interactive glass displays, and Interactive Multimedia Products. With in-house manufacturing, custom fabrications, direct service, and installation service, the team of GlassTek experts are on hand to answer questions and help find the customized glass technology for your home or business. From an LED vanity mirror for your home to electric privacy glass for your office, the team of experts at GlassTek have the latest state-of-the-art glass innovations. For more information about GlassTek products and services, please visit:

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