Creators of the GlassUp Eyeglasses Launch Crowdfunding Project


Venice, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- In an effort to raise $150,000 for the production of the most revolutionary product soon to be in the hands of consumers the developers of the innovative GlassUp eyeglasses have launched a crowdfunding project. Described as the “second screen for the smartphone” the GlassUp product is a pair of highly-fashionable Italian-designed glasses that have the ability to super-impose any kind of message ordinarily seen on the screen of a smartphone to the wearer’s center field of vision. The product is expected to hit the market in February of 2014.

“Very basically, the consumer who merely wears the glasses will now have the ability to stay up to date with everything informational without having to check a smartphone continuously.” said Francesco Giartosio, CEO of GlassUp. “In a revolution of our normal perceptions, the information will be sent from the smartphone to the GlassUp eyeglasses through a Bluetooth connection, and appear in the air overimposed on the real vision.” Similar to the concept of a Bluetooth earphone, whatever arrives on the glasses has already originated on the smartphone - the glasses however, provide a shortcut to reach the view of the user. The varied types of content and data projected to the glasses are solely at the user’s discretion via downloadable apps.

For instance, in addition to the regular messages of emails, Facebook updates, tweets, text messages and incoming calls the glasses have the ability to provide breaking news, weather and sports information. With even more attention to detail and convenience the glasses will assist the riders of motorcycles and bikes with turn-by-turn directions. Detailed information like a patient’s body data can be fed to the glasses for surgeons while in surgery as can the words of friends in conversation with someone who is hearing impaired.

In regard to conversations, the superior glasses will give translations of different languages so that the wearer can carry on a comfortable ease when speaking to someone of a different culture. Other innovative uses for the GlassUp product are those in warehousing or maintenance who have need of receiving instructions, chefs in need of accurate recipes, and teleprompter assistance for those engaging in public speaking. The GlassUp eyeglasses will even assist the wearers at leisure when admiring art in a museum whilst being fed details about the great works in front of them.

Staying mindful of their competition - Google Glass - the GlassUp eyeglasses are focused on showing information in a very utilitarian way. “The GlassUp is a receive only approach. No photos or videos are involved therefore we cut down on privacy issues.” added Giartosio. Rather than forcing the wearer to look laterally like their competitor’s product, the developers of the GlassUp glasses engaged the help of Gianluigi Tregnaghi who could up the design ante with his experience developing optical systems for airplane pilot’s helmets. “Without the projected information being at the center of the field of view our development couldn’t progress. It’s easier on the eye and that was important to the development of our product.” said Giartosio. The project benefits from two of the three most qualified optical scientists in Italy.

Taking advantage of the North-Eastern Italian locale - whereby eyeglass companies that supply two-thirds of the world’s eyeglasses are located - the engaging product will have a stylish and varied Italian design quality. Initially beginning with two designs, soon enough the eyeglasses will have sport, casual, high-tech and business styles as well.

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