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Gleefully Chew Your Way out of Hundreds of Calories

It's easy to give in to temptation and put on extra pounds thinking New Year's Resolutions will miraculously take them away. Smart Health Talk wants to encourage everyone to forget that and start with new lifestyle changing goals now. Instead of facing the task of taking off pounds after the New Year, already be on your way to a healthier you when New Years comes around. Guest from Glee Gum and host Elaine McFadden discuss how chewing gum can be a great tool for saving hundreds of calories along with other tips.


San Bernardino, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2012 -- As we head into the holidays many will be attending a string of parties leading up to our 2013 New Year celebrations. Not only will there be all kinds of food and drink but how many of us will be facing daily temptations of workplace holiday treats brought from home and left in break rooms all across the country.

It ‘s easy to give in to “just one more” during these times and may seem like an innocent 100 calories here and there, but they will add up. Somewhere along the line you may find yourself ready to throw in the towel and give in to temptation with the you’ll start your weight loss program after the first of the year.

Smart Health Talk wants to discourage that way of thinking by getting people to start on the road to a healthier lifestyle now, instead of after the first of the year.

Host Elaine McFadden, MPH, RD sees a huge potential for weight gain by accepting the concept of New Year’s resolutions being the answer or the justification for consuming extra calories during the holidays. “As soon as people give into the concept that I will start my diet after the New Year, they have put themselves on the road to weight gain.”

Elaine is trying to encourage people to forget about that concept by instead setting a goal to look even better on New Year’s than they do now. “Even if people can move the needle a pound or two, and fight back packing on extra pounds during the holidays, they will be inspired to keep it up after the first of year.”

Instead of trying to find motivation and start on New Year’s resolutions after a big holiday splurge, small steps started now help teach us the behaviors needed for success. Elaine’s advice is to let go of putting all kinds of pressure to achieve millstones we have done in the past. “If we used to work out an hour a day, and we expect ourselves to get to that level again, it may be enough to make us give up before we start. We subconsciously know that is too much to expect because so much in our life has changed, and it’s just not going to happen, but we still expect ourselves to do that. Let it go and just set small goals. If you can only do half the time, so what at least you did something.”

It helps to have a fall back plan during those times of temptation and gum chewing is something that can be made readily accessible for a low cost. Gum chewing has proven to be successful at reducing total calories eaten as reported by a research study presented at the 2007 Annual Scientific Meeting of The Obesity Society.

When we went looking for gum that we could recommend in the mist of all the synthetic gums out there, it wasn’t hard to settle on Glee Gum. It has all that you could want in a gum. First it is the only real gum available in North America made with chicle—a tree sap harvested sustainably to help conserve the Rainforest. Yes, sorry to tell you that most all chewing gums are synthetic, and can contain GMOs and other chemicals you might want to avoid such as artificial flavors and colors.

Glee gum is also gluten and aspartame-free (GMO), and uses Fair Trade ingredients. They have eight flavors which can help add to the stimulating brain effects that can come from chewing gum. Something we will discuss along with a list of other gum chewing benefits such as dental protection, increased alertness and ability to concentrate, avoiding cravings for sugary snacks, and reducing total daily calorie consumption without compensating other ways like can happen with diet sodas.

Chewing gum can even help tighten up your jaw for a more youthful look. What an great extra bonus!

For those that find themselves getting stressed during the holidays, you might want to use gum as a stress reliever.

Glee Gum comes in mini boxes made from recycled paper that can fit easily in pockets, purses, desk and kitchen drawers, or anywhere you need quick access to gum instead of extra portions that could add up to hundreds of extra calories. Those mini four packs that come in recycled paper boxes are also perfect for tucking away chewed gum so we can practice responsible gum disposal.

To prevent holiday weight gain, chew gum and practice the three bite rule. Eat three bites and enjoy them to the hilt, and then stop. Don’t deprive yourself, but don’t overdue. Remember those extra portions will end up as extra pounds that are much harder to lose that put on, so just avoid getting in that situation to begin with. Put New Year’s resolutions out of your head and think about looking great for New Years and beyond.

Start with small steps like replacing gum with extra portions and using it as a reward when you avoid temptation. Five or ten calories beats hundreds any day whether it’s a holiday or not.

Smart Health Talk can help you get started. Visit our website and look for our Smart Health Talk Resolutions for 2013. Lifestyle suggestions instead of a quick fix plan. It takes practice to incorporate new healthy lifestyle options, and is best to start out slow with easy and attainable goals.

Elaine McFadden explains that the Smart Health Talk Resolutions are all actually mini goals. You can look through them and find something that will work for you. Focus on just one or two at a time and get good at those goals and then move on. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself except to stay consistent. Whether you do a 10 minute or 30 minute walk, sometimes just doing something is more important that how long you did it.

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