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Glen Bernard Camp: The Best Summer Camp for Girls in Ontario

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Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2013 -- Glen Bernard, summer camp for girls is based in Ontario, Canada. The company’s approach is to give campers opportunities to build self-confidence and develop successful interdependence in a safe, fun and nurturing environment. Camp is a great experience for young people and an investment parents never regret. Many campers attribute their personality, work ethic and self-confidence to the fact that they grew up in the supportive environment that Glen Bernard Camp fostered for young girls to grow into young women.

The value of a girls’ camp lies in the simple things. In the confidence of a child’s first dive off the high diving boards, of standing up with a group of your friends and singing your heart out in front of strangers. In those strangers becoming first friends and then sisters. Of having those sisters forever….

Glen Bernard Summer camp is among the best educational summer camps for girls. It also functions as an outdoor educational site imparting educational training to girls. This organization has accreditation of OCA or Ontario Camps Association and abides by the standards set by OCA. It has been organizing Canadian summer camp for girls in Ontario since 1922.

The director of Glen Bernard Camp, Jocelyn Palm has recently been appointed a Member of the Order of Canada for distinguished service in or to a particular community, group or field of activity.

Glen Bernard Camp is also a leader in environmental education. The camp trains campers on environmental sustainability through their use of solar boats, solar energy, energy conserving lighting systems, composting toilets etc. Their earth education activities & programs are taught and offered to campers in special state-of-the art buildings powered by solar energy. In that way campers can understand better the sustainable technologies and man’s relation to the natural world. The company slogan is ‘Live Lightly’. It not only hints at the fun of camping but also at the commitment and responsibility the company has towards the earth while taking care of it.

The company’s focus is on environmental sustainability. They are aware of the great learning opportunity they have to educate campers in respect of the natural world, considering their relationship with it, understanding their impact upon it, and taking action to use it wisely.

To be a part of an all girls camp is to see girls come out of their shells in the most amazing way possible - children who hide behind their parents knees upon arriving at camp will be signing up to perform at camp talent shows only days later, discussing with gusto their opinions on the latest teen pop stars at dinner, and returning year after year as young women, and eventually as counsellors and leaders themselves.

The aim is to inspire girls, instill in them a deep self-confidence and sense of independence. Every single day at the summer camp is filled with opportunities for campers to try new challenges and explore their skill levels. Campers here can get involved in never-ending activities and increase their physical fitness as well as sharpen their mental agility. Some of the activities at the camp include kayaking, golfing, sailing, canoeing, trampoline, rock climbing, archery, tennis, theatre etc.

To teach camper these things is incredibly important; to give them self confidence and self reliance, and to teach them that they are always worth it; to show them strong talented women who they can relate to and look up to; and to show them that they can be that person for someone else. There is no better way to spend the summer than at Glen Bernard summer camp in Ontario, Canada.

‘Last summer was very memorable for me because I went to the Glen Bernard Summer Camp, Ontario. Apart from a lot of wild fun and sports like canoeing, sailing and kayaking I learnt a lot in the natural setting that the camp had offered’ says one who benefited from the camp. For more information, visit

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