The Spectra Company

Glendale's Brand Historic Library Nearing Completion


Pomona, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- The much awaited unfolding of the Glendale Historic Brand Library is nearing completion and is expected to be unveiled this first quarter of 2014. The project is headed by Spectra Company, a recognized name in historical renovation.

The goal of the historical renovation is to create a more active space that will further draw interest to the public. The restoration of the building is budgeted at about $9.5 million. It is expected to improve the building to accommodate more galleries and house programming.

Annette Vartanian, the gallery director said, “We want to have a year of events, programs and installations in the newly remodeled space. My goal is to make the space more hip, to make it a regional destination.”

The recital hall was improved by reconstructing its structures to make it more spacious and accessible. This will draw in more public events as the room is combined with great skylight gallery and newly refurbished walls. The recital hall is expected to provide more features so every event is as successful as the over-all design is.

The dining room will be converted to a reading room so more people can be accommodated with all the interesting finds in the historical library.

Also, a solarium is added up to the library’s renovation. This will be a symbol of what it was like in the early days of the mansion. It will also house the future exhibits where artists and creative individuals can showcase their talent. It is planned to consolidate the art pieces by sharing a desk for the music and the arts.

Carolyn Flemming, the library services administrator said, “We want to make this as much like a home as possible.”

The 109-year-old building is set to be unveiled by recreating the original stencil arts located on the ceiling. During the process of restoration, the unknown artist who made the original stencil was finally discovered. The artist was Giovanni Smeraldi, who also did the works at the Biltmore Hotel, USC Doheny Memorial Library and the Santa Monica Courthouse. This was found out after the in-house artist of Spectra Company noticed the same brush strokes as with the Baltimore Hotel.

“Mrs. Brand boarded it up for some reason. The discovery came as a complete surprise,” said Flemming.

The Glendale Historic Brand Library will remain closed until the whole restoration is complete. However, there is a selected potion where the library materials can still be obtained.