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Glenn Duker Reveals the 3 Most Important Issues for Commercial Tenants


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2014 -- Glenn Duker is a Melbourne based lawyer specializing in commercial lease law, tenants rights and property issues in Victoria. At where he serves as legal commentator and blogger, Glenn outlines the three most important types of tenant issues commercial leaseholders face. Tenants face several problems if proper enforcement measures are not taken at the time of agreement between both parties, Glenn Duker believes. To deal with these issues, he discusses baseline legislative protection in Australia that has been implemented in all states to prevent any landlord from taking advantage of tenants. Glenn Duker has developed effective mechanisms to resolve tenants’ rights issues quickly.

There are three important tenant issues to be considered before signing any agreement with landlords. The first issue relates to the Retail Leases Act. Second issue to consider is a ratchet clause and the third issue is regarding mediation failure. Glenn Duker talks in details over these issues in his blog and provides proper consultancy on approach.

Retail Lease Act 2003 – The Minimum Five Years Term

The Lease Act ensures that landlords provide a minimum five years tenure period to their tenants. Unless the tenant has defaulted during the lease agreement, landlord has no right to contract him out of the Retail Lease Act rule. There is more security within the same Lease Act for tenants with landlords unable to demand key money anymore. In this case, every tenant has the right to terminate the lease agreement as the Lease Act condemns any such Act to take place.

The Ratchet Clause Is Termed Void

The ratchet clause is when landlords tend to create new situations in order to prevent any decrease in the rent. Before the determination of any lease issues, tenants should be well aware of particular rent issues so as to save further inconvenience in future.

Mediation Failure

When mediation fails to solve a disagreement, VCAT is the next step. A certificate is issued to entitle landlord and tenant to commence proceedings with VCAT. VCAT provides both parties a relatively inexpensive route to get disputes settled.

Getting the correct legal advice early can save clients a lot of money down the track and help avoid costly litigation. As an expert in commercial lease law, Glenn Duker provides legal advice at highly competitive rates. He provides structured legal advice for client consideration prior to when lease agreements are signed so that the landlords do not undermine the tenants’ commercial rights.

Glenn Duker’s expert opinion on Commercial Lease Tenant Rights in Victoria is worth seeking. His background in commercial and property law is extensive and his specialization in the field of tenants’ rights can help Victorian business owners be safe guarded against unfair commercial lease issues. His blog is the source of expert legal opinion on issues that matter to business owners in Victoria

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