Poet Glenn McCrary Debuts Official Trailer for Upcoming Book

Glenn McCrary, a well known poet is set to launch a trailer for his soon to be released book called “ON.”


Cordova, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- Glenn McCrary is going to launch his collection of poems in a book called “On” and for the same purpose, he will be launching an official trailer too. Glenn McCrary believes that poems are a great way to express a person’s inner feelings. He believes that there are four elements of victory and they are awakening, risk, sacrifice and rebirth. He believes that these elements are completely unpredictable and can strike a human being at any point of time with a magnitude that is difficult to imagine. But it is also these elements that help a person to stand back on their own feet. It knocks them down but it also teaches them to get back up. It teaches them to love and be happy again.

Based on these revolutionary ideas, People Are Strange Publishing and Glenn McCrary Publications present a new collection of poems by Glenn McCrary called ‘ON’. It is a timeless collection of 20 poems written by Glenn McCrary himself. It will release on on the 2nd of July, 2013 which is a Tuesday.

“I love the collection of poems that Glenn McCrary writes and I am looking forward to this one. I loved his previous works and I am pretty sure ‘On’ will be a smashing collection of poems, as always” Ronan Scott, Nashville, Tennessee.

Glenn McCrary is a 22 year old poet and an online student. He studies at the Southern New Hampshire University currently majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in English. He has been writing poems for a very long time and believes that it is the only thing that drives him to be a better person and do better in life.

Glenn McCrary’s collection of poems can be viewed at

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