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Gabriel Glide to Stop Producing Several Replacement Glides and Unveil New Replacement Glides


Stony Point, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2012 -- As one of the leading American manufacturers of replacement glides, Gabriel Glide strives to continuously update its inventory and offer new, better products to its clients. As part of this mission, Gabriel Glide ceased production of several replacement glide products and will be unveiling new replacement glides in the months to come.

As Gabriel Glide continues to improve and expand its product offerings, some products are discontinued while new products are introduced. For clients who need replacement glides, Gabriel Glide highlights a selection of products that come in various shapes, sizes and materials – ideal for furniture, hardware and more.

Gabriel Glide takes special pride in manufacturing all of its replacement glides and other products in the U.S. While Gabriel Glide continues to innovate, the company also continues its commitment to making replacement glides the “old-fashioned way.” All products are designed and manufactured from inception in America, using American materials and local labor.

To purchase replacement glides from Gabriel Glide, visit, or call 1-800-342-2743 for a catalog.

About Gabriel Glide
Regardless of the company’s impressive credentials, Gabriel Glide still makes glides the "old-fashioned way." All of the products are manufactured using American-made materials and equipment and in American-owned plants.