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Glitters Gemstones Bring Africa's Precious Stones to the World Wide Web


Brisbane, Queensland -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2012 -- Gemstones have been a prestige item used to adorn jewellery and clothing for as long as we have been able to use them. Their lustre and coloration as they capture the light has captivated our imaginations throughout history. However, gemstones are precious because they are rare, and the best quality stones are even rarer still. Glitters Gemstones is an Australian site that has been getting a lot of attention lately for its range of handpicked raw and cut gems specially imported from Africa.

Every raw gem is represented individually on the site with high quality imagery and a carat rating. Clicking on the image on the site takes customers to a detailed page containing all the information on the stone, including its clarity rating, colour, weight and price, together with a professional assessment of the stone. The cut gems are cut to exacting artisan standards and are similarly replete with high quality imagery and product descriptions.

There is a real commitment by Glitters Gems to make their process as transparent as possible. The site also features a blog which updates users on the latest news from the industry, including information on the sources of the gems and issues from within the industry that affect price and availability.

Lawrence Stephenson, the company director, travels personally to Africa to meet with dealers and miners directly, allowing him to inspect the gemstones and purchase them on an individual basis while negotiating to get the best deals. As an experienced professional faceter, he is ideally placed to know what to look for in gemstones and ensures only the highest quality pieces make the site.

A spokesperson for the site explained,

“We stock the finest Sapphires, Garnet, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Zircon, and Spinel, with special reserves of rarer stones like Iolite. Our cut gems come in a range of sizes and styles and we offer a detailed guide to gauging the potential of the raw stones we list on the site. We wish we could cut every rough gemstone ourselves, but it is a pleasure to be able to offer fellow lapidarists and collectors such a breath taking array of rough gemstones to work with. Our objective is to provide the finest cut gemstones and a level of education so that consumers can make an informed choice when purchasing.”

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