Global Additive Manufacturing Market (2012 - 2017) - by Application [Medical Devices, Automotives, & Aerospace] & Technology [3D Printing, Laser Sintering, Stereolithography, Fused Deposition Modeling, Electron Beam Melting, &


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2012 -- ReportReserve announces the inclusion of its new report in Pharmaceuticals & HealthCare Industry.

Additive manufacturing is an automatic process used to create rapid prototypes and functional end-use parts. It takes virtual designs from Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, and transforms them into thin, virtual, horizontal layer-wise cross-sections, until the model is complete. The AM is a potentially growing market in every manufacturing sector with a global market of $1,843.2 million in 2012 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.5% to reach $3,471.9 million by 2017.

The global additive manufacturing devices market has been segmented into different areas such as, automotives, consumer products, business machines, medical, academic, aerospace, government/military and others. Automotives or motor vehicles account for the largest share in this market, primarily due to the easy applications of 3D printing in the production of end-products (engines, spare parts, other interior, and exterior parts) as compared to other segments such as consumer products and business machines, which have limited usage in manufacturing of end-products. Rising healthcare expenditure in emerging economies provide growth opportunities for the additive manufacturing technologies, as new healthcare facilities have come up in these areas.

New and improved technologies, financial support from governments, large application area, rapid product development at a low cost, and ease of development of custom products are the major drivers that are slated to propel this market. However, a few pivotal factors restraining the growth of this market are regulatory hurdles in different countries, material characterization during development, and process control and understanding.

In this report, we are mainly focusing on medical applications of additive manufacturing. Within the medical industry, additive manufacturing is used in making end-products such as surgical equipments, prosthetics & implants, and scaffolds. The market is growing due to the rising incidence of surgeries, coupled with increasing awareness and advances in technology. Surgical equipments account for the largest share in this market due to their wide applicability.

Europe dominates the additive manufacturing for medical devices market in 2012, followed by North America. However, adoption of novel additive manufacturing technologies in the medical field is gaining momentum at a fast pace in emerging nations due to growing educational and awareness efforts of industry players among physicians and patients. Moreover, increasing healthcare expenditure, growing income levels, low cost of manufacturing, rapid product development, growing surgical procedures in lieu with medical tourism, and lesser competition than mature countries, have amplified interest of market players in emerging markets.

The key players in this market are 3D Systems Corporation (U.S.), 3T RPD (U.K.), Arcam AB (Sweden), Biomedical Modeling, Inc. (U.S.), Envisiontec GmbH (Germany), EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems (Germany), Fcubic AB (Sweden), GPI Prototype and Manufacturing Services, Inc. (U.S.), Greatbatch, Inc. (U.S.), Layerwise NV (Belgium), Limacorporate SPA (Italy), Materialise NV (Belgium), Medical Modeling, Inc. (U.S.), and others.

Scope of the Report

This research report categorizes the global additive manufacturing market into the following:

Global additive manufacturing market, by industry

Consumer products
Business machines
Global additive manufacturing market, by materials

Homogeneous materials
Natural materials
Heterogeneous materials
Polymeric matrix
Metallic matrix
Ceramic matrix
Multiple materials
Global additive manufacturing for medical devices market

By Products
Surgical equipment
Surgical guides
surgical instruments
Prosthetics & implants
Orthopedic implants
Dental implants
Cranio-maxillofacial implants
Tissue engineering
Porous tissue engineering scaffolds
By Technology
Electron Beam Melting (EBM)
Laser Beam Melting (LBM)
Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)
Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Laser Cusing
Digital Light Processing
Two-Photon Polymerization
Droplet Deposition (DD) or Extrusion based technologies
Low-temperature Deposition Manufacturing (LDM)
Multiphase Jet Solidification (MJS)
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Three Dimensional Printing (3DP) or Adhesion Bonding
By Application
By Geography
North America
RoW (Middle East, Africa, Russia, and Latin America)

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