Global and China Lithium Titanate Industry Report, 2012-2015 New Report


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Depending on high safety, long service life, fast charging and other strong points, lithium titanate battery is identified as the first choice of automotive lithium battery, and the global lithium titanate demand will show explosive growth in future, and is expected to hit 16,500 tons in 2015 according to the development planning of the world’s major lithium titanate battery manufacturers. Against this backdrop, enterprises in the United States, Japan, China and other countries have invested successively and arranged ahead of schedule to seize global market share, of which, the performance of Chinese enterprises is particularly eye-catching.

Benefiting from the support of national policies and the establishment of supporting industries, lithium titanate industry in China, despite a late start, has witnessed swift development. Currently, China has outdistanced the United States and Japan in the number of manufacturers and production capacity, thus becoming the world’s largest lithium titanate producer. As for the lithium titanate battery for the time being, enterprises including Yintong Group and Anhui Tiankang Group have drawn up plans for large-scale lithium titanate battery capacity expansion, which will provide adequate power for future demand growth in the Chinese lithium titanate market. China’s demand for lithium titanate is expected to reach 12,500 tons in 2015.

In addition to an introduction of the development of global and China lithium titanate industry, this report also focuses on the lithium titanate business of three foreign enterprises including ALTI, Toshiba and Titan Kogyo as well as six Chinese enterprises such as Yintong Group, Sichuan Xingneng New Materials, Shenzhen Tianjiao Technology and BTR Nano Technology.

As the world’s first company to master the core technology of lithium titanate cathode materials, in 2005 ALTI successfully developed the lithium battery with lithium titanate as cathode materials, which was later applied to the electric cars of a U.S. electric bus company called Proterra. In 2010, Yintong Group acquired a 51% equity stake in ALTI. For now, ALTI has founded the world’s largest lithium titanate production base in Wu’an, Hebei Province, with capacity up to 3,000 tons per year in 2012.

Being the first enterprise that develops lithium titanate and lithium titanate battery in Japan, Toshiba Corporation has already achieved mass production of lithium titanate batteries in 2008 and applied them to electric vehicles of Mitsubishi and other companies with success.

BTR Nano Technology is China’s first developer of lithium titanate cathode materials, in 2010 its lithium titanate production capacity attained to 360 tons per year, which has been further enhanced since the company’s relocation in 2011, and is currently up to 1,000 tons per year.

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