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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- Global and China PC Cable Assembly Industry Report, 2012-2013 covers the followings:

1. Global and China PC Market;
2. Global and China Mobile PC Market;
3. PC Cable Assembly Industry;
4. 15 Major PC Cable Assembly Manufacturers.

The PC cable assembly industry is highly overlapped with the PC connector industry, and achieved an industrial scale of approximately US$2.4 billion in 2012. PC cable assembly can be generally divided into three categories, the first is the Power Cord Assembly, which accounts for about 45% of the industrial scale; the second is the External Signal Cable Assembly with 25%; the third is the Internal Signal Cable Assembly with 30%, of which, the Power Cord Assembly consists of AC power cord and DC power cord.

In terms of Ultrabook AC power cord, except for a tiny number of models with integration of adapter plugs and transformers, most models still maintain the AC power cord design. With lower power, tablet PC mostly integrates plugs and transformers themselves in its adapter design, and for now, only above 10-inch models need AC power cord. With respect to DC power cord, the price of DC power cord for tablet PC is 30% higher than that for Notebook.

Power cord assembly manufacturers mainly include UK-based Volex, U.S.-based Molex, Taiwan-based ISHENG, Line Tek and Longwell, Mainland China-based Honglin.

External Signal Cable Assembly includes HDMI, USB, DVI, VGA, RGB, LAN, Audio & Video cables. Internal Signal Cable Assembly refers to pure Electronic Wire & Cable, LVDS, FFC (flexible flat cable), MCC (Mini Coaxial Cable), SATA cables, mostly used in Notebook/Laptops; among them, LVDSFFCMCC serves as the connecting cable between computer motherboard and screen, also called screen line, of which, LVDS is the cheapest, each about US$0.4; MCC is more expensive with US$2 or so; FFC is in the middle, each around US$0.9-1.1. Most Ultrabooks and tablet PCs adopt MCC, but some tablet PCs adopt FFC for cost reduction, such as Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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Table Of Contents

1. Global PC Market
1.1 Market Size
1.2 Notebook Market
1.3 Notebook Market in China
1.4 Ultrabook Market
1.5 Tablet PC Market

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2. Mobile PC Industry
2.1 Notebook Industry
2.2 Notebook OEM
2.3 Tablet PC Industry
2.4 Mobile PC Industry in China

3. PC Cable Assembly Industry
3.1 Overview
3.2 Geographical Distribution of Global Connector Industry
3.3 Connector Industry in Taiwan
3.4 PC Cable Assembly Industry Analysis
3.5 FFC and FPC
3.6 Micro Coaxial Cable
3.7 Top PC Cable Assembly Manufacturer Ranking

4. Key PC Cable Assembly Manufacturers
4.2 Volex
4.3 High-Tek
4.4 Wanshih
4.5 Golden Bridge
4.7 Line Tek
4.8 Copartner
4.9 Space Shuttle
4.10 Wonderful Hi-Tech
4.11 YFC-BonEagle
4.12 Well Shin
4.13 Longwell
4.14 Foxlink
4.15 BizLink

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