Global Commercial Airport Full Body Scanners Market (2012 - 2017)


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2012 -- ReportReserve announces the inclusion of its new report in AeroSpace Industry.

Full Body Scanners Market is set to take the body scanner industry to the next level, as the manufacturers are constantly into research and development of new technology. The market is in its growth phase and is expected to witness joint venture, merger and acquisitions between manufacturers and technology providers. Manufacturers focus on investing heavily in research and development and vertical integration. Major industry players are L-3, Smiths Detection and Rapiscan, have constantly looked at global opportunities which is driven by regional presence.

Full Body Scanners is an emerging concept of aviation security, which has promoted a strong R&D pipeline to constantly develop machines that are image free and less radiation emitting. This would encourage passengers to use these machines without any inhibitions. Airports are now conducting trials and demos are underway in most of the major Class A, Class B and Class C airports globally. Specific cultural issues have prevented major airports in Islamic countries to install full body scanners; however this is expected to change with advanced image free scanning technology which is in its final R&D stage.

The report provides insights on the full body scanner market, key market players, future scope, drivers, restraints and challenges of the market. The report also analyzes the required no. of full body scanners with regards to the passenger handled in the base year of the study and future growth potential across different geographies.

This study estimates the global market of Full Body Scanners by the end of 2017. This market research study provides detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of the global Full Body Scanner market. The report provides a comprehensive review of major market drivers, restraints, opportunities, winning imperatives, challenges, and key issues in the market. The market is further segmented and forecasted for major geographic regions, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. The competitive scenario of the top players in the Full Body Scanners market was discussed in detail. The top players of the industry are profiled in detail with their recent developments and other strategic industry activities.

Key Take-Aways

Analysis of full body scanners market with emphasis on high growth technologies & platforms and components.
Impact analysis of market dynamics that describes factors currently driving as well as restraining growth of the market, along with their impact in short term, medium term and long term.
Gain competitive intelligence from market share analysis, devise revenue growth strategies from the market size and forecast statistics.
Analyze the opportunities that are available for all the stakeholders through competitive landscape study in the full body scanners market.
Gain insights on core competencies and key growth strategies of companies in the full body scanners market.

This report segments the full body scanners market by technology, passenger handling per year and then geographies. These segments are further sub-segmented into:

Technologies: Millimeter wave scanners, Back scatter Xray and 3d body scanners.
Geographies: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Rest of the world.
Applications: Public safety and urban safety in transportation (Airports).

Scanning machine manufacturers
Security software/hardware/service and solutions providers.
Regulator and other government agencies
Technology suppliers
Application developers

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