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Global Demand for Monocalcium Phosphate Market to Incur Considerable Upsurge During 2017-2027

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2018 -- Monocalcium Phosphate is a chemical compound with chemical formula Ca(H2PO4). It contains phosphate, calcium and hydrogen. It is a white or gray powder with an average hygroscopic property and is soluble in water. Monocalcium phosphate is formed from specially prepared phosphoric acid and calcite material. It is made from natural minerals causing reactions forming quality phosphoric acid which has to be mined, refined and purified. Specified intake of monocalcium phosphate or other phosphate salts is proved to be beneficial for the body and health of human and animals.

Monocalcium phosphate is a leavening agent, and the additive for domestic animals and birds feed. It benefited the animals as phosphorous and calcium are important for the bone formation and strong skeletal development. It helps in the functional improvisation of the animal organism, protein metabolism, reproduction system, nervous system and immunity system.

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Global Monocalcium phosphate: Market Dynamics

The demand for the monocalcium phosphate is fueled majorly by the agriculture and animal feed. The demand for monocalcium phosphate is anticipated to have significant growth in forecast period as its use as a fertilizer in the agriculture has increased considerably. Due to rapid industrialization and thus the development of pork and poultry industries, the monocalcium phosphate market shows positive outlook regarding consumption rate. Monocalcium phosphate helps to strengthen the teeth, bones and weight gain in livestock and poultry. The factors triggering the monocalcium phosphate market includes increasing demand for the supplement diet, wide applications such as in bakery products, agriculture, increasing demand for the canned food. Moreover, the health benefits of monocalcium phosphate attract the huge customer base and its recognition by the Food and Drug Administration as the safe additive allows the manufacturers to consume it in the industrial processes and thus favoring the monocalcium phosphate market. The monocalcium phosphate market is expected to show significant CAGR in the forecast period considering all its health benefits in human and animal food consumption.

Though the consumption of monocalcium phosphate leads to desired health benefits, excessive intake for an adult over 700 mg a day can cause aging symptoms, the risk of heart disease and pressure over the kidneys. The factors restraining the growth of monocalcium phosphate are its shelf life under specified conditions. It may indicate eye and skin irritation upon contact. Moreover, major factor that stagnant the monocalcium phosphorous market is fluctuating prices

Global Monocalcium phosphate: Segmentation

By physical forms



By Applications


Food Production


Animal Feed



By Functional Use


Leavening agent

Acid component

Global Monocalcium phosphate: Segment Overview

The monocalcium phosphate is used in wide variety of applications and industrial processes. The monocalcium phosphate market is segmented on its physical forms, applications and functional use. In physical forms, the monocalcium phosphate is segmented into powdered and liquid form depending on the food or applications.

Based on its applications, the monocalcium phosphate is used in agriculture as a fertilizer, in food production in bakery products such as cakes, dough, cookies, energy powders, malted milk powder, and canned food, in beverages and animal feed and other industries.

Based on its functional use, monocalcium phosphate is used as a food additive in packaged food, beverages, leavening agent. It is also used as an acid component.

Global Monocalcium phosphate: Regional Overview

The market for the global monocalcium phosphate market its presence in the regions including Latin America, North America, Europe- Eastern and Western, Asia Pacific, Japan and the Middle East and Africa. Owing to rapid development in the agriculture and food industries, the Asia-Pacific market is expected to have significant CAGR in the forecast period. The China by its monocalcium phosphate production and consumption is leading followed by North America and Europe. The monocalcium phosphate market is anticipated to perform well shortly owing to the shear versatility of applications in food, agriculture and beverage industry and growing meat consumption rate in India and other Asia Pacific regions. The market suffers heavily due to political instability in the regions of the Middle East and Africa.

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Global Monocalcium phosphate: Market Players

The prominent players of the monocalcium phosphate market includes

PhosAgro, EuroChem, Mosaic, Fosfitalia Group, Lomon Company Co. Ltd, Sichuan Chuanheng Chemical Corporation, TIMAB, Wengfu Group, AB " Lifosa," GC Ingredients Inc., Elixir Group Doo, Lianyungang Yunbo Chemical, Guizhou Zerophos Chemical, Guangxi Guilin RongDe Chemicals, Orientphos Chemical, Nanjing Jiayi Sunway Chemical