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Global Demand for Permanent Magnets Raises Concerns over Limited Supplies


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2016 -- The Sintered NdFeB magnets are currently considered as one of the best performing products among rare earth permanent magnets. As per the latest statistics, it is shown that Asia – Pacific will be the highest revenue generating geography by the year 2020.

The use of the permanent magnets have reportedly increased the motor efficiency among motor manufacturing companies. The tip has further increased the demand by more than double fold. Innovations in the industry has ensured that the use of a lower cost permanent magnet has markedly reduced the overall cost of the motor. Environmentalists have also lauded the use of these Ndfeb permanent magnets because it helps in minimizing the consumption of power to a considerable level. Exports and imports in this sector has increased over the past decade because of the rising demand for electric motors in the agricultural and industrial sectors. The international platform, however, is currently facing certain restraints in this department because of the fact that rare earth magnets come at a very high price. Additionally, these are also produced only in some select countries. Dailymag, one of the leading manufacturers from China is currently one of the leading suppliers in the international market. it is said that unlike the other electromagnets, these are preferred because it does not require a continuous supply of electrical energy. With this, the products are easily able to maintain their own electrical field. This has been a major reason why PM innovations are increasingly preferred over the other electromagnetic motors.

Using these high quality products have also proven to have reduced the size of the motors, thereby improving the performance. Most manufacturers do it with the use of nanocomposite permanent products. Currently, the market extensively uses it for biomedicine, magnetic storage media, sensors, catalysts and pigments. It is also popularly used in combination with DC or AC electric motors.

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