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Global Environmental Network to Offer Mold Training Classes

Company Announces a Large Variety of Mold Classes for 2013


Santa Ana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- Global Environmental Network recently announced that they will be offering a wide selection of Mold Training classes for 2013.

Mold is a significant biohazard, and can be found virtually anywhere there is moisture in the environment. It can be extremely difficult to detect and once detected, to eradicate. It finds its way into walls and wallpaper, floors, and even air passages, ducting, and wiring. A significant aspect of environmental care of buildings is detecting, treating, and eradicating mold. The eradication of mold also must be done in an environmentally responsible manner, without spreading fungicides or poisons that are worse for the environment than the mold itself. Mold training involves teaching how to accomplish mold eradication cleanly and safely. A company spokesman remarked, “Mold training is one of the most important services we offer, in that mold eradication is a major health and environmental priority for businesses.”

In addition to training and classes in environmental protection, treatment, safety, and waste management, Global Environmental Network also performs all the services related to its classes. The company can either train companies’ staff to handle environmental problems, or it can do the associated services itself. From waste management to asbestos removal to environmental consulting and engineering, Global Environmental Network is an industry leader in the industrial and business environmental services field.

About Global Environmental Network
Global Environmental Network is based in Santa Ana, CA and has training facilities in Anaheim and Oakland, CA. For over 19 years, its staff of highly qualified and certified experts has offered environmental training and services to meet the needs of businesses in complying with environmental regulations, creating safe workplaces, and training staff in proper environmental procedures and practices. With over 90 employees, GEN’s mission is to become an international leader in environmental health, safety, and services. For more information please visit,