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Global False Eyelashes Market Is Projected to Reach USD 1,330.56 Million by 2023


Pune, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2017 -- Global False Eyelashes Market Information- By Raw Material (Synthetic Hair, Human Hair, Fur, Feathers, Others), By Product-Type (Individual Natural Lashes, Individual Flare Lashes, Strip Full Value Lashes, Strip Long and Short Lashes, Strip Natural Lashes, Others), By Production (Machine made, Handmade, Semi-handmade, Others), By Distribution Channel (Supermarket/hypermarket, Specialty stores, Cosmetic Stores, E-commerce, Others) and by Region Forecast to 2023

False Eyelashes are defined as artificial eyelashes which are worn to define the eyes and to thicken the upper eyelashes. The false eyelashes are worn with the help of a special glue and can be self-applied. The product majorly is categorized into two types: Strip lashes and Individual lashes. Strip lashes are worn directly across the eyelashes while the individual eyelashes needs to be applied each separately. False eyelashes are available all across the globe in a huge variety of designs, colors, lengths and material-type. The growing trend of highlighting the lash line to make it look more defined is one of the major factor influencing its market.

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The global market for false eyelashes has witnessed continued demand during the last few years and is projected to reach USD 1,330.56 million by 2023. Increase in demand of false eyelashes in cosmetics and fashion industries is likely to drive the market globally. Increasing fashion awareness and increase in disposable income has a positive impact on its market growth.

Synthetic hair based false eyelashes will witness high growth rate (~4.42%). By 2023, synthetic hair based false eyelashes among the various other raw materials is projected to grow the most due to its high consumer's preference and convenience in production. Human hair based false eyelashes share will experience highest growth in the market. Fur and feather based lashes will experience fair growth rate based on changing trends and increasing demand for unique products.

By Downstream analysis-

By 2023, synthetic hair sourced false eyelashes will reach more than USD 500 million. The easy availability and convenience processing for production is supporting the growth of synthetic hair based false eyelashes in the market. Individual flare lashes will dominate amongst the various product-types and will account for a major share in the market.

Machine made production holds a lion's share in the production means and it is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.42% by 2023. However, semi-handmade lashes will witness a high growth rate (~4.39%) during forecast period 2017 to 2023. By 2023, sale of false eyelashes through cosmetic stores is projected to hold a major share and is projected to have a significant growth rate backed up by consumers purchase convenience.

Competitive analysis-

The major key players in False Eyelashes market are
- Revlon, Inc. (U.S.)
- Mac Cosmetics (U.S.)
- Ulta Beauty, Inc. (U.S.)
- Kiss Products Inc. (U.S.)
- Ardell International, Inc. (U.S.)
- Shu Uemura Cosmetics, Inc. (Japan)
- Esqido Lashes (Canada)

Key players are focused majorly on new product launch in their false eyelashes product and it accounts for more than 30% of the overall strategy share by key players from last few years. Acquisition, mergers and geographical expansion are the main factors which are contributing 46% of strategy share and is facilitating companies to penetrate the potential market across globe.

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Asia-Pacific will continue to dominate the false eyelashes market with more than 50% market share and it is projected to reach more than USD 600 million with CAGR of 4.02% by 2023. North America will witness the highest growth rate (~5.14%) during forecast period 2017 to 2023. Europe region will witness the growth of 4.50% in False Eyelashes market for the same period. Growing popularity of eye cosmetics and increasing beauty awareness amongst the female population is driving the market growth of false eyelashes globally. Rise in sale through various distribution channel is playing a key role in the false eyelashes market growth from last few years.

Study Objectives of False Eyelashes Market Forecast to 2023

- Detailed analysis for individual micro and macro markets for False Eyelashes

- To estimate market size by Raw Material, Product-Type, Production, Distribution Channel and Region

- To understand the supply and demand dynamics of False Eyelashes

- To provide region level market analysis and future outlook for U.S., U.K., China, France, and South-East Asia

- Company profiling of major players & competitive positioning for the false eyelashes market

- Value chain analysis and supply chain analysis of False Eyelashes

- Analysis of historical market trends, and technologies, and current government regulatory requirements related to false eyelashes market

Target Audience
- False Eyelashes manufacturers
- Cosmetics industries
- Retailers and wholesalers
- Traders, importers and exporters

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Table of Contents
1 Executive Summary 12
2 Introduction 13
2.1 Definition 13
2.2 Scope of the Study 13
2.2.1 Research Objective 13
2.2.2 Assumptions 13
2.2.3 Limitations 13
2.3 Market Structure 14
3 Research Methodology 16
3.1 Introduction 16
3.2 Primary Research 17
4 Secondary Research 18
5 Market Dynamics 19
5.1 Introduction 19
5.1.1 Drivers 20 Growing demand for luxury eye-make up with trending new fashion 20 Improved technology encouraging various inclusion of raw materials 21 Higher demand for customized & personalized eye makeup products 21
5.1.2 Restraints 22 Changing consumer dynamics with changing rapid change in fashion trends 22 Increase in demand for permanent natural eye-lash extensions 22
5.1.3 Opportunities 23 Increase in working women population encouraging higher spend for make-up including fake eye-lashes 23 Increase in consumer awareness related to fashion through social media 23 Rapid shopping through e-commerce and more availability of branded products at higher discounts globally 23
5.1.4 Challenges 24 Rise in awareness for synthetic harmful chemical material based eye-lashes 24 Environmental impact 24
6 Market Trends 25
6.1 Trends in Supply/Production 25
6.2 Trends in Demand/Consumption 26
6.3 Emerging Markets (Supply & Demand) 27
6.4 Trade (Import-Export) Analysis 28
6.4.1 Export Analysis 28
6.4.2 Import Analysis 29
6.5 Innovations in Product/Process 31
6.6 Macroeconomic Indicator Analysis for Top 3 False Eyelashes Market 32
7 Market Factor Analysis 35
7.1 Introduction 35
7.2 Value Chain Analysis 35
7.3 Porter's Five Forces 36
7.3.1 Threat of New Entrants 36
7.3.2 Threat of Substitutes 37
7.3.3 Bargaining power of Buyers 37
7.3.4 Bargaining power of Suppliers 37
7.3.5 Intensity of Rivalry 37
7.4 Supply Chain Analysis 38
8 Global False Eyelashes Market Overview 39
8.1 Global False Eyelashes Market Overview 39
9 Global False Eyelashes Market-By Raw Material 43
10 Global False Eyelashes Market-By Product-Type 47
11 Global False Eyelashes Market-By Production 52
12 Global False Eyelashes Market-By Distribution Channel 55
13 North-America False Eyelashes Market 59
14 Europe False Eyelashes Market 69
15 Asia-Pacific False Eyelashes Market 86
16 Rest of World False Eyelashes Market 98
17 Competitive Landscape 108
17.1 Introduction 108
17.2 New Product Launch 109
17.3 Business Expansion 109
17.4 Acquisitions 110
17.5 Partnership 110
18 Company Profiles 111
18.1 Revlon, Inc. (U.S.) 111
18.1.1 Overview 111
18.1.2 Company Snapshot 111
18.1.3 Product Portfolio 112
18.1.4 SWOT ANALYSIS 113
18.2 Mac Cosmetics (U.S.) 114
18.2.1 Overview 114
18.2.2 Company Snapshot 114 Product Portfolio 115
18.2.3 SWOT ANALYSIS 116
18.3 Ulta Beauty, Inc. (U.S.) 117
18.3.1 Overview 117
18.3.2 Company Snapshot 117
18.3.3 Product Portfolio 117
18.3.4 SWOT ANALYSIS 118
18.4 Ardell International, Inc. (U.S.) 119
18.4.1 Overview 119
18.4.2 Company Snapshot 119
18.4.3 Product Portfolio 119
18.5 Kiss Products Inc. (U.S.) 121
18.5.1 Overview 121
18.5.2 Company Snapshot 121
18.5.3 Product portfolio 122
18.6 Shu Uemura Cosmetics, Inc. (Japan) - L'Oreal SA. 123
18.6.1 Overview 123
18.6.2 Company Snapshot 123
18.6.3 Product Portfolio 123
18.7 Esqido Lashes (Canada) 125
18.7.1 Overview 125
18.7.2 Company Snapshot 125
18.7.3 Product Portfolio 125