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Global Food and Beverage Chemicals Market Supply Demand During 2017-2027

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2017 -- The list of added chemicals and additives on the food and beverage labels often reads bewildering. Even though the food and beverage chemicals are habitually thought of as harmful substances, knowing their advantages and disadvantages for certain applications, manufacturers make wise, healthy, and safe food choices for their use. Food and beverage chemicals reserve shelf life by eliminating or reducing the growth of microorganisms causing the food decay. With growing health concerns, consumers demand for food and beverage supply which is nutritious, flavored, convenient, safe, and affordable. The consumers are also willing to pay premium prices for nutritious and safe food and beverage products.

The addition of certain chemicals to food and beverage products in an appropriate manner and quantity, makes the products very desirable among consumers. The addition of such chemicals in the food and beverage products can be done either intentionally or indirectly by using some other means. There exist both pros and cons of these chemicals based on their application which may directly or indirectly be proven harmful for humans. Therefore, it is mandatory to add only those chemicals which are suitable for human consumption and are thoroughly checked and certified by the regulating authorities. The chemicals used in the food and beverage industry are very specific in their application and their uses vary significantly based on their physical and chemical properties. The uses of food and beverage chemicals include– to increase the processing rate, extend the product shelf life, maintain product consistency, assurance of microbiological safety, improvement and maintaining nutritional value or to enhance the organoleptic qualities (flavor, texture and color) of the final finished products.

Food and Beverage Chemicals Market Dynamics:

Due to fluctuations in the raw material and commodity prices, profitability in food and beverage end products has taken a hit and competition among market players is intensifying. Growing strength of labeled brands and costs associated with the ratification of products from regulating authorities has put the food and beverage manufacturers under pressure. Among these market conditions, the use of chemicals which are healthy and certified by the food and beverage administrative and regulating authorities is increasing due to their growing application at various stages of production.

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The researchers and scientists are coming up with new chemicals and additives which are more efficient and economical. With safety and nutrition overshadowing the cost factor associated with production, the demand for high end food and beverage chemicals is expected to increase at an unprecedented rate over the forecast period.

Food and Beverage Chemicals Market segmentation:

Out of the many ways by which the food and beverage chemicals market can be segmented is based on their application, which segments as the following:

Anticaking Agent
Antifoaming agent
Food Emulsifier
Firming Agents
Flavor Enhancers
Flour Treatment Agents
Gelling Agent
Food Glazing Agents

Food and Beverage Chemicals Market Regional Outlook:

The North America and Western European countries, being a hub of all major industrial and commercial sectors, shelter prominent global players and play a key role in supplying food and beverage chemicals all over the world. The consumption of food and beverage chemicals in the Asia pacific region, especially in China and India, is estimated to remain high in order to meet the demand from large consumer base in these countries. Industries and manufacturers are striving to enhance their food and beverage product quality with the use of these chemicals, giving boost to their market in the near future. It is expected, from the demand side, the food and beverage chemicals market will see significant growth in consumer driven developing countries over the forecast period.

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Food and Beverage Chemicals Market: Market Participants

Few examples of market participants identified across the value chain of the food and beverage chemicals market include:

Avantor Performance Materials, LLC
Ecolab Food & Beverage
Airedale Chemical Limited
Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corp.