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Global Genesis Group Has Acquired the Rights to the Novel the Newport Harbor Murders Revisited by Brooks Wilson


Agoura Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2014 -- Global Genesis Group has acquired the rights to the novel The Newport Harbor Murders Revisited by Brooks Wilson. The book will be developed into a feature film entitled Newport Harbor. Mr. Wilson is also serving as an Executive Producer on the project based on the true story of the infamous Overell Yacht Murders in 1947. On March 15 of that year, Walter Overell and his wife Beulah were killed by an explosion of dynamite on their yacht. Days later, Louise Overell, 18, and her boyfriend Bud Gollum, 21, were arrested and charged with the murder of Louise’s parents. The movie will detail the convoluted love story between Louise and Bud, and the miscarriage of justice that was on the scale of the OJ Simpson trial as the murderous lovers Louise and Bud are shockingly found innocent.

The movie Newport Harbor opens in March of 1947, with Walter Overell, 62 and his wife Beulah, 57 aboard their 47 foot yacht, the Mary E, when an explosion shatters the still of the night and sends the yacht to the bottom of the shallow harbor. Two Newport Beach police officers see Louise Overell, 18, and her boyfriend Bud Gollum running hand in hand towards the explosion.

A preliminary autopsy found the Overells were killed by head injuries prior to the explosion. Louise and Bud were the last to have been with Louise’s parents. Unexploded dynamite was found onboard the Mary E and evidence was found that Bud had purchased dynamite the day before the explosion. Bud and Louise were arrested and charged four days after the murder.
The evidence was overwhelming.

The public was engrossed; two rich kids charged with murdering their rich parents who disapproved of their upcoming marriage. It was such a high profile case that the state Attorney General appointed a special prosecutor. Famous attorney Otto Jacobs defended the kids. Life and Time magazines sent their reporters to cover the trial. And the Los Angeles Examiner sent Adela Rogers St. John, once called the World’s Greatest Girl Reporter, now an alcoholic and three-time divorcee, to feed the Southern California readers with gossip from the defendants. Adela became a confidant of Louise and became privy to the torrid love letters written between Bud and his true lover. Adela leaked the letters to her paper so the insatiable public could become even more emotionally invested in this real life soap opera.

Newport Harbor is the story of a twisted love affair between two young adults that goes tragically awry. Were the lovers innocently caught up in Louise’s father murder-suicide plot? Or did the two lovers connive to not only con the judicial system but the Southern California public and get away with murder so they could inherit Mr. Overell’s millions and run away to be happily married?

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