Global Impact Network Leaders Gather on VoiceAmerica to Discuss Meeting the Challenges of Our Time


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2023 -- In "Humanity's Moment of Choice: Forward Steps," a dozen leaders of major global impact networks join The Convergence program on VoiceAmerica to discuss their vision for meeting global challenges as 2023 moves into the pivotal year 2024.

The Convergence on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel is available 24/7 from September 15, 2023. You can listen to it here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/146643/humanitys-moment-of-choice-forward-steps.

Global change experts say that the world is now entering the "Era of Network Organization" and the "Era of Network Impact." In the face of numerous challenges, this represents civil society's ("We The People's") opportunity to collaborate successfully for meaningful global change. Networks comprising individuals, organizations, and even networks of networks can provide a creative, inspiring, and effective voice in addressing the challenges of our time.

Timed for the 2023 the International Peace Week season (https://www.peaceweek.org/) (September 11-23) this program, from Synergy Circles of the Evolutionary Leaders (https://www.evolutionaryleaders.net/), assembles a discussion among a dozen key leaders and change-makers.

Emanuel Kuntzelman leads off from "The Holomovement" (https://www.holomovement.net/) dedicated to wholeness and a regenerative future. Ben Bowler of Peace Week (https://www.peaceweek.org/) and UNITY EARTH (https://unity.earth/) follows, and then Jon Ramer of One World (https://oneworld.earth/),

Julie Krull of Good of the Whole and the Connection Field (https://www.goodofthewhole.org/connection-field) and Deborah Moldow of the Evolutionary Leaders (https://www.evolutionaryleaders.net/) then join, followed by David Gershon of the Empowerment Institute and Peace on Earth 2030 (https://peace2030.earth/) and Anneloes Smitsman of EARTHwise Centre (https://www.earthwisecentre.org/).

Then, from Transformational Media, Shannon Marie Winters joins from Light on Light publications and media (https://www.lightonlight.us/) along with RIANE EISLER of the Center for Partnership (https://centerforpartnership.org/) and KARUNA & VICTORIA FRIEDMAN describing exciting Children's Book initiatives centered on these same themes of change (from https://www.lightonlight.us/).

The program caps with Rick Ulfik, founder of the 11 Days of Global Unity (https://we.net/) which, since 2004, has been a centering point, across the United Nations community, for projects like these, working for significant global transformational change.

Also announced are a new blog at VoiceAmerica.com, by Jon Ramer and Dr. Kurt Johnson (Host of this Program) centering on this message of emerging networks of networks: https://www.vapresspass.com/2023/09/11/the-future-of-online-communities-an-architecture-of-interconnectedness/ [see image].

Also announced is a new video hub on this same theme at Humanity's Stream (https://www.humanitysteam.org/stream) the largest non-profit transformational education platform in the world.

Join us to celebrate and co-vision with these global change-makers, all members of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle (a project of the Source of Synergy Foundation) as we enter this era of the Network Form Of Organization and the Network Form Of Impact. Join us for this inspiring broadcast. Let's co-vision together toward the world that works for all.