Global International Sellers Is One of the Most Reputable and Trusted eCommerce Exporters in the World


Highland Park, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- With 27 years of experience, Global International Sellers is one of the most reputable and trusted eCommerce exporters in the world. We are well versed in local and international custom and tariff laws. Global International sellers service companies like Apple, HTC, LG and Samsung. Our exported products are mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, and notepads. Our longstanding relationship with FedEx means International Deliveries can be made within four days. These kinds of arrangements are not easily made and not easily kept, but Global International Sellers is the company that can keep everything together for their associates as well as their clients.

Our highly knowledgeable 24/7 staff understands the necessity to speak your language being both multilingual and extremely well versed in technology and products. All products sold by Global International Sellers are factory unlocked and cater to domestic markets. Having factory unlocked phones means buyers can still get insurance policies on these devices. In circumstances where the buyer unlocks the devices on their own this voids the warranty. Unlocked devices can run on multiple networks. For example a CDMA phone which is unlocked can run on GSM reception signals as well. This provides versatility which is useful for world travelers.

Global International Sellers works with the best products on the market, like Samsung. Samsung smart phones like the Galaxy were winners in the 2010 European smart phone and social media phone category awards. The I9000 Galaxy S was recognized for its superior screen resolution and connectivity. The S8500 Wave and the Bada (Samsung proprietary) operating system were honored for the exemplary location based and social networking services. Samsung offers a wider range of operating system capabilities. The Galaxy starts with Google Android, but can also run other operating systems like Bada, Linux LiMo, Microsoft Windows Phone and Symbian.

Global International Sellers also provide top notch LG products which are known worldwide for their mobile capability. Mobile communication terminals, personal computers and communication devices are all part of their repertoire. These mobile devices are made to work on CDMA networks both in the United States and worldwide. The unlocked versions of these devices can also work on GSM networks all around the world. LG specializes in the interactivity of devices. Their voice activated software is implemented in many different devices and is one of the best on the market.

Global International Sellers (which has a long history of customer satisfaction) has taken HTC (the new brand on the block) under their wing. They have been associated with mobile devices since 1997 and are the developers of many firsts in mobile devices. HTC was the first company to develop a Microsoft based smart phone as well as the first Microsoft 3G phone. Their first major product was one of the first touch screen smart phones, in 2000. HTC is the original design manufacturer for both HP and Palm, building the HP iPAQ and the Palm Treo 650. HTC also launched the first 4G capable phone in the United States, the HTC Evo 4G.

Everyone including Global International Sellers either knows and loves Apple or respects them for the accomplishments their technical team and their founder, Steve Jobs, have put forth. Apple is a constant innovator in the construction of smart devices, from the iPhone, to the iPad and iPad 2. Their original computer model the iMac has been a constant rival to Microsoft products for over 20 years. The prices are slightly steeper than Microsoft products, but they have been known as popular devices for artistic types who want a new way to perform their art. The usability is similar to Microsoft, while the files differ, there are similarities and improvements.

The home location of Global International Sellers is in Highland Park, Texas, but as an international exporter of high end electronic products, we also have a local presence in: Canada; the United Kingdom; Brazil; and Russia. We serve the world with clients coming from all over the globe. Our primary clientele comes from the regions of: ASEAN; EU; NAFTA; MERCOSUR; CAFTA; and ANZUS. Global International Sellers has these satellite locations to better serve their customers with representatives who know the local economic and political landscape to better serve the customers in that part of the world. This knowledge is provided as part of the agreed price.

The mission of Global International Sellers is to “Think, Speak, Act and Deliver Globally”. We work towards this mission every day. We use market our products and services in such a manner that our customers know what they are getting when they buy it. Our commitment to this mission shows when people and companies all over the world are buying our products. There is no better recognition than customer trust. Customer trust earns a stronger reputation and this reputation is what our affiliates count on. No matter the landscape of ever changing electronic and technological products, Global International Sellers will stay on top.

For more information contact:
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Global International Sellers
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