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Global LED Lamp General Lighting Market Forecast and Analysis 2015 - 2021; New Report Launched

Market Research Reports, Inc. has announced the addition of “LED Lamp General Lighting Global Market Forecast and Analysis 2015 - 2021” research report to their website


Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2016 -- Global use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lamps. The LED lamps covered in this study are used in luminaires in stationary/fixed locations (non-vehicle/non-portable) General Lighting applications. The lamps are used in new fixtures, as well as retrofitting/replacement of existing (installed-based) lamps. The definition for General Lighting is - lighting that is used to provide the main illumination of an area. The Publisher definition of General Lighting also includes directional and supplementary lighting.

LEDs are used in both functional and decorative light fixtures, with an advantage of energy savings. Compared to incandescent lighting, LED-based solid-state lighting (SSL) delivers visible light with reduced heat. In addition, its solid-state nature provides for greater resistance to shock, vibration, and wear, thereby significantly increasing its lifespan.

LED Level Quantified in the Publisher Study Below, are five levels (or "food chain") pertaining to the LED marketplace. For the purposes of this Publisher study, we quantify and provide a market forecast for "Level 4"

- Level 1 - The chip or die
- Level 2 - The LED component (packaged LED)
- Level 3 - Other components - array, optics, heat sink, power supply
- Level 4 - Lamp
- Level 5 - Luminaire (light fixture/lamp holder/including lamp/s)

Market Forecast Product Categories This market forecast is presented for eight (8) major lamp-type categories. The lamp categories, in turn, may have multiple sub-categories, which are determined by physical size of the lamp. Note: lower-level product categories are indented in the list, are summed-up to the higher-level product category stated above it.

Market Forecast Data Base Hierachy Structure
General Lighting LED Lamp Product Category List

Total Consumption: LED Lamps

Parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR)
- PAR16
- PAR20
- PAR30
- PAR38
- PAR56
- PAR64
- PAR-Types: Other (Miscellaneous) Sizes

General Service with Edison Screw: A-Type
- A19/G60/ Other A-Type (sizes)
- A19 (G60)
- A19/G60 (60W equivalent)
- A19/G60 (75W equivalent)
- A19/G60 (100W equivalent)
- Other - A19/G60 Watt and Other A-Type sizes

- Decorative Types/Edison Screw: Candle, Fancy Round, Other

Multifaceted reflector (MR) Compatible
- MR16
- MR11 / Other MR

Linear Tube and Tape (Protected Strip)
- Linear Tube < 1200mm (< 4 feet)
- Linear Tube > 1200mm (1200mm and longer) (> 4 feet)
- Tape with LEDs: Quantified by Meter

- Street / Parking-lot / Campus / Similar (Parks, Walkways)
- High Bay/Flood (>= 2500Lm)
- Miscellaneous LED-Based Lamp and Lamp Sections of Fixtures

Market Forecast, By Region The market data are segmented into the following geographic regions, plus a Global summary; separate data-sheets are provided for the following regions:
- America
1 North America (Canada, Mexico, and U.S.A.)
2 Rest of America (Central and South America)
- EMEA (Europe, Middle East, plus Africa)
- APAC (Asia Pacific)

Market Forecast, By Function This report provides the 2015 market data review and 2016-2021 forecast by the following functions:
- Consumption Value
- Quantity (number/units)
- Average Selling Prices

The consumption (use) value is determined by multiplying the number of units (lamps) by the average selling price (ASP) in US Dollars. The ASPs are not retail prices; the prices are based on the price of the LED lamp at the initial factory level. These are the original manufacturer's ("factory") prices invoiced to the first (original) customer, or transfer prices for internal (captive) production.

Lighting applications not covered in this study report:
- Vehicles - lighting used in automotive, buses, trains, airplanes, ships, other
- Holiday-Specific Lighting
- Signage, Signals and Digital Display; back-lighting units of monitors/TVs
- Indicator/Instrumentation; Toys; Portable lighting (flashlight/torch, lanterns, etc)
- Professional Task Lighting - Horticultural; Medical/Surgical; Broadcast/Film/ Theater Production; UV Curing; Other professional task lighting

Market Research Methodology
Market analysis and technology forecasting are complex tasks. Any predictions of the shape and trends of technology and economic movement start from the notion that the germ of what will be important tomorrow is present, although smaller or larger or in a different form, in our environment today. However, taking as a basis for a prediction the assumptions of current, conventional belief creates a set of preconceived notions that can lead to serious mistakes. Publisher, instead, looks to the basic driving forces.

Information Base
This study is based on analysis of information obtained continually over the past 12 years, but updated through July 2016. During the market research process, Publisher analysts performed interviews with authoritative and representative individuals in the LED and lighting industry, plus - R&D and factory/manufacturing, from the standpoint of both suppliers and users of LED and lighting illumination products. The interviews were conducted principally with:
- Architectural lighting Designers/Installers concerns, Engineers, marketing personnel and management at manufacturers of LED lighting and related equipment, as well as other lighting technologies.
- Design group leaders, engineers, marketing personnel and market planners at major users and potential users of LEDs and lighting
- Other industry experts, including those focused on standards activities, trade associations, government and investments.

The interviews covered issues of technology, R&D support, pricing, contract size, reliability, documentation, installation/maintenance crafts, standards, supplier competition and other topics.

Bottom-up Methodology Publisher forecasts, as illustrated in the forecast data structure, are developed initially at the lowest detail level, then summed to successively higher levels. The background market research focuses on the amount of each type of product used in each application in the base year (last year: 2015), and the prices paid at the first transaction from the manufacturer. This forms the base year data.

Publisher analysts then forecast the growth rates in component quantity use in each application, along with price trends, based on competitive, economic and technology forecast trends, and apply these to derive long term forecasts at the lowest application levels. The usage growth rate forecasts depend heavily on analysis of overall end user trends toward equipment usage and economic payback.

Spanning over 678 pages "LED Lamp General Lighting Global Market Forecast and Analysis 2015 - 2021" report covers Executive Summary, LEDs - Technology Overview, LED Lamp General lighting Consumption Forecast, Company Profiles of LED and Related Companies, Market Research Methodology, Definitions and Standards, Market Forecast Data Base - Introduction/Explanation of Excel Worksheets.

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