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Global Lithium Ion Battery Separator Market Will See Strong Expansion Through 2026 : TMR


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2019 -- Global Lithium-ion Battery Separator Market: Overview

Separators are an integral part of the performance, safety, and cost of lithium batteries. The term lithium batteries refers to the non-rechargeable, lithium metal-based batteries and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries widely used in portable electronic devices. The major function of the separators is to prevent the electric conduction between the anode and cathode while permitting ionic conduction via electrolyte.

Lithium-ion battery separators are primarily manufactured from non-woven fiber, polymer films, and ceramic material. The key manufacturers are shifting from use of polymer separators to ceramic-coated and lithium-coated lithium-ion battery separators that improve lifecycle and increase performance of lithium-ion batteries. Porous membranes are commonly used with these materials in manufacturing of lithium-ion battery separators due their low manufacturing cost, ability to prevent mixing of chemicals, and improved mechanical properties.

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Global Lithium-ion Battery Separator Market: Drivers

Based on type the lithium-ion battery separator market can be segmented into releasable lithium-ion battery separator, non-releasable lithium-ion battery separator, beaded lithium-ion battery separator, push mount lithium-ion battery separator, rising hole lithium-ion battery separator, identification lithium-ion battery separator, and heat stabilized lithium-ion battery separator.

Government regulations related to carbon emissions for the automotive and industrial sectors are prompting a shift toward lithium-ion batteries, which is boosting the expansion of the lithium-ion battery separator market. Rise in consumption of electronics products such as smartphones and tablets is further driving demand for lithium-ion battery separator market globally. Automotive manufactures are focusing on manufacturing vehicles that utilize electric drivetrains and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, including battery electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, leading to the expansion of the lithium-ion separator market.

Low heat resistance of separators leads to the melting of the separators, which causes shut down of the battery. Moreover, safety concerns associated with the use of polyolefin separators are expected to restrain the global lithium-ion battery market. To overcome restraints, the key manufacturers are increasing porosity of the membranes by using composite materials in separators, which improves the safety and reliability of the battery.

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Global Lithium-ion Battery Separator Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the global lithium-ion battery separator market are Asahi Kasei, SK Innovation, Freudenberg, Sumitomo Chemical, & Betts Corporation, Entek International, W-Scope Industries, and Ube Industries.