Global LTE Industry Landscape: Adoption, Applications, Deployments and Subscriptions by Region, Country, Spectrum and Operator 2011 - 2015


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2012 -- While LTE adoption is moving at a much quicker pace than initial analyst expectations, a number of hurdles still exist that undermine the early adoption of LTE by many countries. Firstly the limitation of the frequency spectrum presents a major setback for many network operators, as majority of the spectrum bands suitable for LTE are yet to be fragmented in many regions. The 800 MHz 'digital dividend' band covered primarily by television broadcasters, in particular, has caused setbacks for many countries in Western Europe, a region where LTE is financially feasible. Furthermore the requirements for initially high investments and economies of small scale production have challenged early adoptions for most developing countries in the Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America regions. Nonetheless, LTE's distinct long term advantages such as high data rates, capacity enhancement and OPEX reduction are likely to drive large scale adoption in a majority of countries worldwide by 2015.

This report follows a structured approach to study the global LTE market. Firstly the key market drivers and barriers are discussed in comprehensive detail. This is followed by a brief overview of LTE technology. The report then discusses some key applications of the LTE standard including HD Video Streaming, Online Gaming, PTT communications, supplementary voice capacity, M2M communication and public safety applications. This is followed by a detailed analysis of LTE's feasibility, potential success, current deployments, subscriptions from a global and as well as a regional perspective, with a particular emphasis on country and operator level market share, operator strategies and regional spectrum adoption strategies. Presented in the end are detailed subscription, market share and spectrum adoption forecasts for LTE from 2011 to 2015 on a country and operator wide basis, based on a comprehensive survey of worldwide operators and regulatory authorities. The forecasts are complimented by a review of regulatory activities, spectrum availability and strategies, and a list of current and potential LTE deployments for each country.

- Detailed LTE subscription forecasts for over 89 countries from 2011 to 2015
- In-depth review of market drivers and barriers for LTE from both regional and global perspectives
- Detailed analysis of LTE feasibility, success and market share from a global and regional perspective
- Provides a country level analysis of regulatory activities and LTE frequency spectrum adoption strategies
- Comprehensive review of worldwide LTE engagements and commercial deployments, covering over 250 network operators and 89 countries
- In-depth review of LTE applications including HD video streaming, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), M2M communication, and public safety application

- Investment Analysts
- Regulatory Authorities
- Cellular Network Operators
- LTE Application Developers
- OSS Infrastructure Providers
- Mobile Device Manufacturers
- Fixed Broadband Network Operators
- Telecommunications Market Analysts
- Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturers"

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