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Global Market for over the Air Engine Control Module Market to Witness Considerable Upsurge During 2016-2026

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2018 -- Over The Air Engine (OTA) Control module is a recently developed concept in the field of Engine and Powertrain Control. Commonly known as ECU/PCM, which controls various engine and vehicle operation parameters such as fuel mixture, ignition timing, emissions monitoring, fuel pump operation, engine cooling, ABS controls, etc. in automobiles. The Heavy & Light Commercial vehicles are early adopters of this technology where the OEMs themselves have imbibed their self-designed OTA control module in the vehicles. In 2015, Navistar Inc. became the first heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer to endorse the OTA control module in its International Trucks fleet. Over The Air Engine control module operates through a remote-controlled process where the PCM is Wi-Fi enabled. The software component of the module or system consists of a Graphic User Interface (GUI) which enables to visualize the control parameters. Periodic updates are sent to the device controller via cloud server, while the device controller being Wi-Fi enabled receives it.

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Over The Air Engine Control Module Market Segmentation

The OTA Control market can be classified on the basis of interface & connectivity options such as:


Controller Area Network (CAN)

Local Internet Network (LIN)

On the basis of bandwidth usage levels for data communication OTA control market can be segmented as:



By Vehicle Types the OTA market can be segmented as:

Passenger Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

Heavy Trucks and Busses

By Sales Channel OTA market can be segmented as:

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)


Over The Air Engine Control Module Market Dynamics & Trends

Increasing adoption of connected vehicle technologies, active safety systems and vehicle digitization trends in the automotive industry provide a firm platform for growth of latest technologies including over the air engine control modules. Stringent regulations concerning road and pedestrian safety and carbon emissions have provided significant thrust for development of advanced vehicle control, monitoring and security systems by leading Automakers in recent years.

The OTA control module market being a part of Automotive Firmware & Software sector is finding high acceptance by automotive vehicle OEMs across the globe. Apart from automobile manufacturers, this product has also found success with vehicle fleet operators. Significant opportunities exist in aftermarket where replacement of conventional ECU/PCMs installed per sensor usage is usually accomplished by installing a single unit that integrates all engine parameter controls & sensors independently and simultaneously. Through this, a 'digital customer relationship management' program is also managed by the service providers. This management program helps in efficient follow-up as well as facilitates the process of providing technical assistance to respective customers at their doorstep. The Periodic updates of the programming device are done automatically by a remote server (cloud-based), thus eliminating the time-consuming manual updates and device configuration time needed for a single vehicle. This has resulted in an opportunity in the aftermarket segment with the third party equipment and service providers offering customized updates for the OTA control module.

Over The Air Engine Control Module market is poised to exhibit a promising double-digit CAGR in the next ten years as the Automotive Ancillary, Industrial Electronics & Software Services companies are entering the market for its lucrative scope of business.

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Over The Air Engine Control Module Market: Regional Outlook & Key Market Players

Geographically, the Over The Air Engine Control Module industry is primarily based in North America, followed by Europe, Japan & China regions. The potential market exists across all vehicle segments. Prominent automotive producing countries are expected to be early adopters of OTA engine control modules owing to technological expertise, established tier-I and tier-II supply networks and affordability of consumers for such products.