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Global Network Services Launches SimpleTV Allowing Consumers to Watch Content Online

With Superb Customer Service New Player Creating Niche in Marketplace


Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- Since the first regularly scheduled broadcasts in the US in 1928, Americans have been fascinated with the television. But the days of watching your shows via a roof-top television antenna are long gone, says Global Network Services spokesman Tammathy Yiin. "Now, everyone wants to experience the enjoyment of watching television online, wherever they are at the time. No longer does the family need to gather in the living room to watch their shows. Today's generation each has their own device for watching television, whether it be a flat screen television, a computer, cell phone or tablet."

Global Network Services, the creator of Simple TV, offers consumers a new choice in the marketplace many felt was already at its brim with options. Explains Yiin, "SimpleTV can work with just about any device that can stream internet content, including smart TVs, media players, blu ray players, games consoles, tablets and of course computers. We strongly recommend that in a home environment you set SimpleTV up on your internet router which will allow the whole household to use our service without any additional configuration, but if you are mobile, then just setting it up on your tablet, phone or computer will let you stream your favorite media wherever you are."

Yiin says the demand for foreign channels is great, both in the US and abroad. "We've attacked this problem allowing consumers the option to watch BBC iPlayer overseas and in the US with ten television channels, ten national radio channels and countless other local channels. But that's not all. Now, you can get Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Sky, and numerous other channels from Australia, the UK and America through SimpleTV, with more coming soon from France and Canada, and anywhere else we get a number of requests for. Basically, if you want it, we want to be able to provide it."

This, according to Yiin, is an idea whose time has come. "SimpleTV was started by a group of expats that got fed up with seeing “This content is not available in your location” whenever they wanted to watch television on the internet and sought to find away around it. We started off providing a VPN service and we now have servers in twenty countries around the world, all managed through our sister site."

The difference Yiin says his company brings to the marketplace, along with the unique service, is superb customer service. Yiin explains, "One of our pet hates in today's world is that customer service has become a commodity item, to be farmed out to the lowest bidder, wherever they might be. We want to change that, in our own tiny little way, and make every effort to ensure that every interaction a customer has with us is the best it can be."

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Global Network Services prides themselves on their commitment to customer service, standing behind it completely. They want all of their customers to have an excellent experience their entire organization is focused on delivering just that. While other organizations might have usage caps or limit their refund policy to a few days, Global Network Services does not. The company believes in the philosophy of providing a good service for a fair price and standing behind that service.