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Pesticides Market : Research Report, 2009-2016 , Latest Market Overview, Size, Share and Forecast and Trends

Transparency Market Research has announced the addition of the "Pesticides Market : India, China And Japan Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2009 - 2016" report to their offering.


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2014 -- The global pesticides market has been growing significantly in the recent years. The growth has been especially a noticeable one in the India, China, and Japan pesticide market. The main reason for augmenting pesticides market in these regions is a huge agriculture-based economy. As pesticides help in destroying, attacking, and mitigating the loss caused by pests to the crops they are extensively used in farming. Pesticides are substances that are made up some a combination of chemicals that eliminate and help in arresting the growth of harmful insects, fungi, herbs, pests, and other such organisms that negatively impact the crop cultivation.

Pesticides are essentially derived from natural resources such as minerals, bacteria, animals, and plants. However, these products undergo a chemical processes before they are actually used in the market. In the past years, there has a heated debate across the globe about the safety and the harmful effects of pesticides on agriculture, soil, environment, biodiversity, and human life. This negative aspects of conventional pesticides is slowly giving an impetus to bio-pesticides which are more natural.

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Study tools such as SWOT analysis and a Porter’s five forces analysis help in understanding the micro economic picture of the functioning of the pesticide market. This report helps in identifying the market drivers, market inhibitors, trends, and challenges of the pesticide market. This will help policy makers, established businessmen, novice entrepreneurs, and market watchers understand how the pesticide industry is likely to shape up in the coming years.

Market Segmentation of Pesticide Market :

The pesticide market has been fragmented on the basis of types of pesticides, the kind of crops it is used on, and the countries in which it is used. On the basis of types, the pesticide market includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and others. The crop segment of the pesticide market includes crops of cereals, fruits, vegetables, nuts, corn, soybean, rice, cotton, and many more. The sub-segments under the umbrella segment of countries covers regions such as Japan, China, and India. This segmentation of pesticides market gives its readers an understanding of revenue and consumption of the pesticide market in the coming years.

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The pesticide market in the regions of India, China, and Japan was valued at US$11.7 billion in 2011, however it is expected to grow to USD 16.2 billion by 2016. The estimated growth rate is of CAGR 6.8% in the forecasted period from 2011 to 2016. China is expected to be the biggest pesticide market by 2016, followed closely by Japan.

Amongst the three Asian markets in question, China is the holds the biggest market share in terms of both, consumption and revenue. The biggest contributor to China’s pesticides market is the herbicide segment, and it is expected to be the fastest and largest growing segment in the forecasted period. Nuts, vegetables, and fruits are expected to be the biggest consumer of the pesticides in the Chinese market in the near future.

On the other hand, as the arable land in Japan continues to be threatened by growing urbanization, farmers are looking at increased usage of pest control chemicals to increase the crop yield. This has led to a growth of pesticides market in Japan too. In India, the insecticide segment is the growing at a fast pace as farmers continue dealing with insect troubles due to poor agricultural standards and lack of mechanization. This has also resulted in lower level of adoption of pesticides in India.

The report on pesticides market also provides profiles of some of the key players in the market. It lists down their financial strategies for the coming years, their products in the pipeline, and the mergers and acquisitions they intend for.

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