GLOBAL PET FOOD MARKET 2016- Industry Growth, Trends, Size, Share, Analysis, Research and Development

QYResearchReports.com announces the addition of a new research report titled “Global Pet Food Industry 2015 Market Research Report”. This comprehensive publication studies the classification, definition, specification and applications of pet food and elaborates the policy analysis, regional overview, key news, and chain structure covered in the global pet food industry.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2016 -- The regional as well as global pet food market has experienced a steady development with the recovery of economies in developing countries, and the consequent increase in disposable income in nations such as India and China. The market research report on pet food highlights, analyses, and identifies the numerous factors that accelerate the pet food industry. Along with market drivers, the report also determines the forces that inhibit the growth and those that stand to fuel the pet food market in the coming future.

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Presenting an accurate understanding of the diversity, structure, and numerous components of the market for pet food, the report analyzes the market's scope in terms of pet food type, pet type, and geography. On the basis of types, the report segments the pet food market into dog food, cat food, and others. The primary types of pet foods detailed in the report are wet/canned food, nutritious food, and dry food, snacks/treats.
As per the report, the nuclear family trend worldwide has encouraged lot of people to adopt pets, hence resulting in pet food's increased demand. The study states that the industry for pet food is primarily fuelled by rise in purchasing power, changing lifestyles, and growing urbanization. Additionally, there has been an increasing awareness amongst people about pet humanization and pet health. This has impacted the purchasing decisions, causing preference of nutritious food over ordinary food as well as well-balanced pet food, thus increasing the growth of the pet food industry. However, various regulatory issues, increasing cases of obesity in pets, and surge in cases related to pet allergies in humans are all predicted to restrain the development of the market for pet food.

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Analyzing the growth trends of the global pet market, the research report presents the production and capacity overview for the pet food industry, and provides evaluation of the market share related to production, sales overview, supply, import and export, consumption, cost, price, and revenue for the global pet food industry. The report has a dedicated part elaborating the competitive landscape and incorporates a string of the major vendors of pet food. It additionally emphasizes the areas such as the business strategies, SWOT analysis, financial analysis, and the recent developments in the global pet food industry.

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