Global Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting 2013-2023:

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- Piezoelectric energy harvesters generate electricity depending on the amount of force used in compressing or deforming the material, the amount and type of deformation of the material's crystal structure and the speed or frequency of compressions or vibrations to the material. There are more than 200 appropriate materials which need careful selection for the particular application.

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This report is the first to assess the progress, applications, players, challenges and forecasts of piezoelectric energy harvesters. Many companies are developing piezoelectric energy harvesters to power consumer electronics, sensors and much more. Already the huge success for this type of energy harvester is in creating the electrical arcs in cigarette lighters, but the future for this technology is much more exciting. Piezoelectric energy harvesters offer among the highest efficiency and power output by size and cost and are therefore very appealing. However, there are also challenges of reliability and broad band performance that need to be addressed.

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Covering the exciting new options

This new report from IDTechEx covers the wide range of materials and form factors, from MEMs, to paint and spray versions, to ribbons and nanowires. It profiles the latest work commercially and academically.

Ten year forecasts 2013-2023

The report provides forecasts for piezoelectric energy harvesters for the following application segments. For each, it gives the number of energy harvesting units forecast to be bought, average sales price and the total spend in US $.

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- Pavements, Roads, railroads
- Lighters and other electrical
- Consumer Electronics
- Other industrial Switches
- Remote Controls
- Pushbutton industrial sensors
- Electronic locks/access control devices
- Toys and gadgets
- Military
- Aerospace
- Vehicle sensors
- Healthcare

In particular, this report covers;

- What piezoelectric energy harvesting is and how it works
- What materials are used and how they are made - including PZT, Single Crystal Piezo and Piezo Fibre Composite
- Key enablers for the future - printed piezoelectrics, smart substrates, ribbons, fibres and MEMS
- A comparison between piezoelectric energy harvesting and alternative options
- How to harvest energy from vibration and movement
- Applications in consumer electronics, automotive, health, WSN, lighting and switching
- Detailed market forecasts for 2013-2023 by application type
- Technical challenges and how these are being tackled
- Leading developers of piezo electric energy harvesters

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