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Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2015 -- Textile fibers are divided into two broad categories such as (i) Natural and (ii) Man made. Natural fibers can be further subdivided into fibers of plant origin (such as cotton and linen) and fibers of animal origin (such as silk and wool). Similarly, the man-made fibers are divided into inorganic and organic fibers. Inorganic fibers are materials such as ceramic, glass and carbon (not used for fabric production). Most organic man-made fibers, on other hand, are used in fabric production and then garment & other household items production. The products from the organic fibers are mainly substitutes as complements to natural fibers. Organic fibers are further subdivided into natural and synthetic polymers.

Natural polymers (often called cellulose) are made from wool; pulp and most common of them are viscose, (known as rayon). The synthetic polymers are made from crude oil and most common of this polymer is polyester, acrylic and polyamide (known as nylon). Cotton has been a dominant fiber in cloth production since time immemorial. Due to technological advancement and dedicated research in the field of fiber science, mankind has reduced its dependency on the natural fibers. Cotton and other natural fibers mainly wool enjoyed the monopoly in textile production for almost a century since the birth of man made fibers. In 1994, the man made fibers contributed over 50 percent to the total consumption of the world.

In 2010, the Share (%) of man made fiber in the total consumption is around 65 percent. Cellulosic and Non cellulosic are the two components of the man made fibers. The Share (%) of Non cellulosic fibers in the total consumption in the world is 59 percent and polyester is the major contributor to the non cellulosic fiber consumption. Currently, the cotton and polyester together account for more than two thirds of global fiber consumption.

In the recent past that is during 1991-2000 period, the Share (%) of the polyester, nylon and acrylic to the total man made yarn/staple production was recorded at 68.69, 19.49 and 11.81 percent respectively. The polyester yarn/staple production grew at an impressive Average (2004-13) annual growth rate of 6.77% during 2001-2009 periods whereas the nylon and acrylic yarn/staple production shrank at the rate of 1.30 percent and 4.09 percent respectively. This shows the ever increasing demand for the polyester staple/yarn from the consumers. In 2009, the world production of man made fibers was 46.26 million tonnes and synthetics contribute 94 percent to the total production.

Filament yarn contributes around 61 percent of the man made fiber production. Polyester is the major fiber used in production of textiles in the world. It contributes around 84 percent of the total synthetics production. Keeping these aspects in mind it is necessary to provide an in-depth analysis of the supply and demand dynamics of Polyester staple/yarn in the world.

The objective, methodology and scope of the report Objective of the report is to examine-

(i) The status and trends of polyester more specifically that of staple and filament besides the intermediates to produce polyester

a.Status of world's total polyester staple/filament supply, their components such as production and imports; and also their trends

b.Status and trends in consumption and exports

c.The export/import price trends of polyester staple and filament and other raw materials

(ii) To examine the polyester futures till 2020 in terms of the projected production, exports and imports.

The report sourced data from authentic published sources and analysis was carried out through simple quantitative measures. For the purpose of projection for the future years, an exponential model has been employed. The models appropriateness has been established through the high degree of co-efficient of determination (usually referred to as R2 value).

The report gives the current status of polyester staple, filament and other raw materials for the production of polyester (mentioned in the objective) in the world and principal countries therein. The report also projects the future indicators such as production, exports and imports for the period till 2020.

Report Structure: The report is divided into four chapters.

Chapter-I : has brought out the objectives, the methodology, data source and important analytical methods applied besides the limitation of the study.

The chapter-II: examines the major trends in the world's total supply and demand of raw materials used in the production of polyester such as Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA), Paraxylene (PX) Ethylene, Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) and Di-methyl Terephthalate (DMT). The total supply components such as production and imports have been analyzed through their trends and Shares. Further, this section also discusses the end use trends of consumption as well as the exports.

The Chapter-III: brings out the trends in the production and trade trends of Polyester staple and filament. The filament trade is further divided in two segments the one which discusses the trade of polyester filament used in textile fabrics and the other used in industrial textiles.

The Chapter-IV: forecasts the total supply and its major components such as the productions and imports; and in the same manner, the end use and its components such as the exports.

Spanning over 182 pages, "Global Polyester Report - Trade Trends in Polyester and its Raw Material, and Global Production & Market Forecast" report covers Introductory Information, Global Production And Trade Trends In Polyester Fiber Intermediates, Global Production And Trade Trends In Polyester, Global Production And Trade Futures.

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