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Global Power Analyzer and Power Quality Analyzer Market Forecast and Analysis 2016 - 2026; New Report Launched

Market Research Reports, Inc. has announced the addition of “Power Analyzer and Power Quality Analyzer Global Market Forecast & Analysis 2016 - 2026” research report to their website


Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2017 -- This report presents the Publisher forecast of the use of Power Analyzers and Power Quality Analyzers. The report provides the review (analysis) of 2016 and a 10-year (2016-2026) forecast of the worldwide market consumption of Power Analyzers and Power Quality Analyzers, segmented as follows:


Separate Forecasts The market forecasts for Power Analyzers and Power Quality Analyzers are separate forecasts and therefore are not summed-up together to a higher-level.

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The market forecast data are segmented by the following functions:

Consumption Value (US$, million)
Quantity (number/by 1,000 units)
Average Selling Prices (ASP $, each)

The Publisher global market forecasts for Power Analyzers and Power Quality Analyzers are segmented into the following geographical regions:

North America
Asia Pacific Region (APAC)
Rest of the World

Electric Power Test Equipment

Power Analyzer (PA) Power analyzer (PA) is a piece of test equipment that accurately measures electrical power characteristics of devices that generate, transform, or consume electricity. Power analyzers, also called power meters or watt-meters, provide precise measurements of true power (watts), power factor, harmonics and efficiency in inverters, motor drives, lighting, home appliances, office equipment, power supplies, and industrial machinery.

Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) A Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) is a piece of test equipment designed to evaluate the quality of electrical power on its input. These devices are available in three-phase and single-phase models. They measure both current and voltage, and detect dips, swells, fast transients, harmonics, power factor, and a host of other parameters that are useful for advanced power troubleshooting.

Information Base for the Market Forecast

Market analysis and forecasting are complex tasks. Any predictions of the shape and trends of technology and economic movement start from the notion that the germ of what will be important tomorrow is present, although smaller or larger or in a different form, in our environment today. However, taking as a basis for a prediction the assumptions of current, conventional belief creates a set of preconceived notions that can lead to serious mistakes. Publisher, instead, looks to the basic driving forces. The future market for this particular type of electric power test and measurement equipment depends on a number of factors, including:

User equipment demand
The continuing trend of regarding increasing performance/cost ratio, driving an economics based expansion
Current and future use of other competing technologies, based on economic advantage and technology advancement
Possible displacement of these technologies by other solutions
Shifts in the types and technologies of products deployed and in their end applications
Trends in world economies, regional economies and government policies

Publisher analysts perform interviews with authoritative and representative individuals involved with electrical component and equipment development and marketing/sales, from the standpoint of both suppliers and users of pertinent products. The interviews are conducted principally with:

Engineers, marketing personnel and management at manufacturers of the pertinent types of products.
Design group leaders, engineers, marketing personnel and market planners at major users and potential users of the applicable products.
Other industry experts, including those focused on standards activities, trade associations, and investments.

The interviews cover issues of technology, R&D support, pricing, contract size, reliability, documentation, installation/maintenance crafts, standards, supplier competition and other topics.

Customers (electrical contractors, electricians, building systems, electrical infrastructures, electrical utility/operators, equipment distributors, similar) are interviewed, to obtain their estimates of quantities received and average prices paid, as a crosscheck of vendor estimates. Customer estimates of historical and expected near term future growth of their application are obtained. Their views of use of new technology products will be researched.

A review of published information was also performed to supplement information obtained through interviews. The following sources are reviewed:

Professional technical journals and papers
Trade press articles
Technical conference proceedings
Product literature
Company profile and financial information
Additional information based on previous Publisher market studies
Personal knowledge of the research team

Bottom-up Methodology Publisher forecasts, are developed initially at the lowest detail level, and then summed to successively higher levels. The background market research focuses on the amount of each type of product used in each application in the base year (2016), and the prices paid at the first transaction from the manufacturer. This forms the base year data. Publisher analysts then forecast the growth rates in component quantity use in each application, along with price trends, based on competitive, economic and technology forecast trends, and apply these to derive long term forecasts at the lowest application levels. The usage growth rate forecasts depend heavily on analysis of overall end user trends toward digital broadband communication equipment usage and economic payback.

The calculation and analysis data spreadsheet technique is based upon input/ output analysis, leveraging the quantitative consumption quantity, price and value of each item in each application at all levels to achieve reasonable quantitative conclusions; this interactive analysis concept, first applied on a major scale by Leonteff, of the US Department of Commerce, in the mid 1950s, was then adopted successfully by analyst/forecasting firms Quantum Science, Gnostic Concepts and (in 1981) by Publisher.

Spanning over 253 pages "Power Analyzer and Power Quality Analyzer Global Market Forecast & Analysis 2016 - 2026" report covers Executive Summary, Global Market Overview, Electrical Industry Overview, Power Analyzer Market Forecast, by Type, Power Quality Analyzer Market Forecast, by Type, Competitive Environment, Market Research Methodology, Definitions - Acronyms, Abbreviations, and General Terms, Market Forecast Data Base.

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