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Global Proton Therapy Market 2015 Edition: A Technology in the Adolescence Stage

Global Proton Therapy Market Report: 2015 Edition is an industry research of 61 pages published in January 2016 to the pharmaceuticals intelligence collection of its research store., which reviews IBA Inc, Varian Medical systems, Elekta, and Hitachi Ltd.


Pune, Maharastra -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2016 -- Radiation describes the way energy moves from one place to another. Radiation therapy is used as the main cancer treatment and for another type of treatment, called adjuvant therapy. The goal of this treatment is to destroy cancer cells and slow tumor growth, without harming nearby healthy tissue. Proton therapy, also called proton beam therapy, is a type of radiation treatment that uses protons rather than x-rays to treat cancer. Protons are large particles that can be manipulated to release their energy. The more energy, the deeper the protons can penetrate into the body. Physicians can calculate the precise amount of proton energy needed to release the radiation exactly on the tumor site.

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The peak of this radiation dose (called the Bragg Peak) is designed to conform to the back of the tumor, and immediately after that point, the radiation dose falls to zero. That results in much less damage to healthy tissue and, therefore, fewer side effects.

Doctors may use proton therapy alone, or they may combine it with standard radiation therapy, surgery, chemotherapy, and/or immunotherapy. Inclination towards the proton therapy worldwide can be observed as a result of growth drivers like rising number of cancer cases, globally increasing ageing population, the growing awareness towards non-invasive procedures and to the upgradations in the technological world.

The research report," Global Proton Therapy Market Report: 2015 Edition" reveals the principal trends of the market, including enhanced enhanced use of pencil beam scanning and other technological innovations. The market for proton therapy is highly competitive with several players operating both at the global and regional level. The leading players include Hitachi Ltd, IBA Inc, Varian Medical Systems and Elekta.

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The proton therapy market report provides comprehensive research and unbiased analysis of the current market performance and future outlook of the global and regional markets like the US, Europe and key Asian markets. Following this, the report provided the reader with an outlook on the current status of the proton therapy market. It also encompasses a number of factors driving the growth of the industry coupled with recent trends and challenges hindering the growth of the industry.

Lastly, in the competitive landscape section, the market performance of various brands along with comparative study of installed base for rooms, centers and systems has been introduced. The report serves as a must read for anyone willing to invest in this promising area and trying to evaluate opportunities.

Table of Contents

1. Radiation Therapy
1.1 Classification
1.1.1 External Beam Radiation Therapy
1.1.2 Internal Radiation Therapy or Brachytherapy
1.1.3 Other Treatment Options
1.2 Market Analysis
1.2.1 Global Market
Market Value
Market Segments
1.2.2 Regional Markets
Regional Share
LINAC Volume

2. Proton Therapy
2.1 Applications
2.1.1 On the Basis of Cancer Site
2.1.2 On the Basis of Dosage
2.2 Technological Substitutes Comparatives
2.2.1 Proton Therapy and X-ray Radiation
2.2.2 Proton Therapy and Surgery
2.3 Treatment Devices
2.4 Global Market Analysis
Market Value
Market Segmentation
2.4.1 On the Basis of Patient Volume
Annual Volume
Cumulative Volume
Forecasted Volume
2.4.2 On the Basis of Installation Base
Annual Volume
Cumulative Volume
Forecasted Volume
Cost per Room
2.4.3 On the Basis of Therapy Centers
2.4.4 On the Basis of Clinical Studies & Publications
2.5 Regional Market Analysis
2.5.1 On the Basis of Patient Volume
North America
2.5.2 On the Basis of Installation Base
North America

3. Market Dynamics
3.1 Growth Drivers
3.1.1 Increasing Cancer Incidences
3.1.2 Preference for Noninvasive Procedures
3.1.3 Rising Ageing Population
3.1.4 Technological Innovations
3.2 Challenges
3.2.1 High Installation Cost
3.2.2 Competitive Technologies
3.2.3 Shortages in Low Middle Income Countries (LMIC)
3.2.4 Cost Pressures for Prostate Cancers
3.2.5 Reimbursement Rates
3.2.6 Stringent Regulations
3.3 Key Trends
3.3.1. Technological Innovation
3.3.2. Pencil Beam Scanning

4. Competitive Landscape
Center Sold Share
Rooms Sold Share

5. Company Profiles

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