Global Semiconductor Etch Equipment Market to Expand Alongside Rising Need for Miniaturisation Within the Electronics Industry

A report factored out by Market Research Reports (MRR) gives a description of the forces operating in the global market for semiconductor etch equipment. The report groups all the ket drivers of demand within the global market and even throws light on the restraints and opportunities. The title of the report is “Global Semiconductor Etch Equipment Market Insights, Forecast to 2025”.


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2018 -- The demand within the global market for semiconductor etch equipment is projected to escalate on account of the boisterous growth rate of the electronics and semiconductor industry. The large-scale manufacturing of semiconductors necessitates the availability of a system that can help in swift, efficient, and hassle-free conversion of raw materials to finished products. Semiconductor etching is the use of liquid chemicals and reaction gases in order for the conversion of thin metal films into the desires shapes and forms. The two main processes of semiconductor etching are wet etching and dry etching, and both are equally relevant for industries. While wet etching comes in handy for the purpose of cleaning wafers, dry etching is extremely useful for circuit defining steps. The etching process is preceded by the exposure of the semiconductor to a circuit pattern after covering the semiconductor with a nitride or hard mask.

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Miniaturization is a key process within the electronics and semiconductor industry, and the use of etching for facilitating this process brings in commendable revenues within the global market for semiconductor etch equipment. Furthermore, the growing popularity of smart phones that are manufactured after a series of etching processes has resulted in increased demand within the global semiconductor etch equipment market. The rising demand for compact and nimble electronics has necessitated the manufacture of small-sized ICs which has in turn led to an increase in the demand for semiconductor etch equipment. There have been commendable advances in the electronics and semiconductor industry over the past years such as enhance output, swifter processes, and better miniaturisation. All of this has resulted in the growth of the global market for semiconductor etch equipment while giving a launch pad to the success of the market vendors. The report by MRR is a deft explanation of all the aforementioned drivers and opportunities prevailing in the global market for semiconductor etch equipment.

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Geographically, the electronics sector in China has been growing at an astral rate over the past decade. The growth rate of the electronics industry in China has created challenging situations for other regions that are established manufacturers of electronics. Owing to the aforementioned factors, the demand within the market for semiconductor etch equipment in Asia Pacific is expected to supersede the demand in all other regional markets.

The key players in the global market for semiconductor etch equipment are JUSUNG ENGINEERING CO., LTD, ULVAC, SEMES Co. Ltd, LAM RESEARCH CORPORATION, and Mattson Technology.

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