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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- Pre-Order only Available from Q3, 2012

The Internet of Things expands the internet to objects, allowing other objects and people to monitor and automate functions based on pre-set needs. It has its beginnings in sensor networks, smart phones and location based services but the opportunities are smart cities, smart utility and home infrastructure and much more. However, despite the enormous opportunity progress must start in a focused way. This report dissects the enabling technologies - hardware and software - the market opportunity, case studies, strategies, players and global trends.

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New services will be provided and many business models need to be assessed. Consumers usually expect information for free, or in return for providing data. Industry seeks to use the Internet of Things for machine to machine automation, making processes and supply chain more efficient, save money and create wealth. Governments do not always seek an ROI in monetary terms but intend to scale cities for the future huge populations, improve safety and much more. The "fabric" of the Internet of Things crosses most endeavours.

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This is the first analyst-led report that gives readers the unbiased view of the current progress, bringing the whole complex topic together and breaking it down into its constituents and analysing the value chain. It provides market forecasts and assesses drivers, how painful user pain points really are, and case studies.

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The report critiques what is growing wrong, drawing on lessons from the past, and the challenges that need to be tackled and how this is being achieved, and who the likely winners will be.

The report provides details for each of the enabling technologies, covering:

- Passive RFID
- Printed/Chipless RFID
- Active RFID
- Real Time Locating Systems
- Wireless Sensor Networks
- Proposed software architectures
- Standards and privacy concerns
- Detailed ten year forecasts are given.

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