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Global Urinalysis Market by Product Type, Test Type, Application & Strategy to Boom Market Till 2030

Global Urinalysis Market Research Report by key players Siemens Healthcare Private Limited, Roche Diagnostics, Beckman Coulter, Inc ARKRAY Inc, URIT Medical till 2019-2030


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2019 -- Urinalysis are clinical urine tests which are ran for diagnostics purposes. Urinalyses are the most common methods of a medical diagnosis. Tests such as urine cultures and urine electrolyte tests are some of the common urinalysis procedures. Some parameters used during Urinalysis are visual examination, specific gravity tests to name a few. Urinalysis tests are performed using urine test strips, in which the test result can be read by the changing colour of the strip.

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To put it in perspective Urinalysis Market has a collective value of over 1.4 billion US$ which was recorded in the year 2017. It is also expected to grow at a double digit CAGR value over the years 2019 – 2030.
We, At MIR, have recently released a detailed study that incorporates everything related to Urinalysis Market with supporting numbers, tantalizing figures and a detailed profile of all the prominent players leading the pack all delivered to you with a neatly tied bow.

The major factors that drive Urinalysis Market into such a big entity are,
- Increasing incidences and prevalence of urinary tract infections (UTI) or other form of kidney
- Increasing geriatric population
- Technological advancements, health care expenditure and availability of favourable government regulations

While some factors that might not be in favour of Urinalysis Market are,
- Lack of infrastructural qualification

Other testing parameters include change in colour, smell, testing for proteins and enzymes, blood cell level and other molecules. Urine specific gravity, osmolality, pH value and bacterial features are some other characteristics that are checked out too. Various testing methods of Urinalysis include testing strips, microscopic examination of urine particles, urine cultures, icotests and HB tests to name a few. A urine test qualifies qualities such as Leukocytes, Nitrite, Protein levels, blood and specific gravity of the sample.
The Urinalysis Market can be differentiated into different product types, various kinds of tests, applications, end-users, ongoing trends and the forecast. Further differentiation puts various product types as,
- Instruments and Consumables
The consumable domain accounts for the largest market share out of the latter due to the recurring costs of the disposable consumables.

The Test segment can be differentiated into,
- Sediment Urinalysis
- Biochemical Urinalysis

The Biochemical Urinalysis accounts for the largest market share out of the latter due to improving major technologies and increasing efficiency of the tests.
Furthermore, the application segment can be differentiated into,
- Pregnancy tests
- Disease Diagnostics

The disease diagnosis accounts for the largest market share due to increase number of novel tests and analysis tests for earlier diagnosis.

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While Microscopic examination includes testing of parameters such as Hematuria, Pyuria, Eosinophiluria, Red blood cells and White blood cells casts, Granular casts, Crystallarium, Calcium Oxalatin and waxy casts. Urine Cultures can also be employed for detecting bacteria, while icotests are used for detecting destruction of red blood cells.
Important points from the Table of Contents

1.1. Instruments
1.2. Consumables

2.1. Sediment Urinalysis
2.2. Biochemical Urinalysis

3.1. Pregnancy Tests
3.2. Disease Diagnostics

4. Chapter : Company Profiles
4.1. Siemens Healthcare Private Limited
4.2. Roche Diagnostics (A Division of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd)
4.3. Beckman Coulter, Inc
4.4. Sysmex Corporation
4.5. ARKRAY, Inc.
4.6. ACON Laboratories, Inc.
4.7. Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc
4.8. Mindray Medical International Limited (Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co)
4.9. URIT Medical

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