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Global Warming Has Riviera Maya Anglers Celebrating


Playa del Carmen, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2012 -- Fishing season has usually come and gone by now here in the fishing mecca that is the Riviera Maya. The epicenter of the action is Playa del Carmen. Here the waters of the western Caribbean offer up some of the oceans most regal of game fish. It is here that the Charter Fleet headquarters in Puerto Aventuras. From Puerto Aventuras, tourists charter fishing boats and ply the coast hunting for trophy game fish.

Beginning the first week of September a strange thing occurred. A whole new batch of mahi mahi showed unexpectedly. This unexpected mahi mahi run was and continues to be strong well into the first week of October. This is obviously the product of a late hatch somewhere to the south.

Mahi mahi are fast growing fish generally reaching several feet in length their first year. The mahi mahi that were showing up were evidence of a hatch occurring much later in the year than is typical.

Spawning is dependent on a great many factors not the least of which is water temperatures.

This late migration continues to occur into October. With these mahi mahi come the great predators who also benefit from the largesse.

This is during a time when local boats often struggle to catch anything at all.

Tourism is slow right now but will be picking up in November. In the meantime, the few charters that are going out are scoring big time!

If slight warming of our oceans result in lengthier breeding seasons and thus increased fish stocks, then perhaps there is a bright side to our ecological futures.For more information please visit