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Global Will Test Socket Thermal Solutions Market by 2017-2025

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2018 -- Test Socket Thermal Solutions are used in the semiconductor industry for the testing of ICs (Integrated Circuits) Test Sockets are located in the master socket .It is the point between the internal and the external wiring by connecting directly on the main line. It bypasses the line and can test directly on the mainline. For its test and burn-in socket line of products it uses thermal profile software and conduct an elaborate analysis on thermal analysis suited to each customer's requirement. The choosing of the test socket depends on the performance of a device during testing where electrical bias and signals are applied. Operating are required. It is necessary to get the best advice and select the best test socket thermal solutions system suited to the test needs; which can assure a high level of performance that will withstand even the toughest test environments.

The software helps in analyzing all the necessary parameters in the socket or the test environment and arrive at the correct heating or cooling combination that is necessary to achieve the best performance in the application, which helps the socket to be thermally perfect before it's placed for final use. In order to ensure the products have the highest level of reliability, thermal management is an important factor for test socket thermal solutions market. When power is applied to the test socket thermal solution device, heat is generated. This heat generated requires to be dissipated to the air before it exceeds its maximum allowed temperature of the silicon die. Before its use in final products, the Integrated Circuits need to be characterized thermally. Test socket thermal solution systems are used for connecting ICs to the characterization system. A socket which is designed with heat sinks, liquid pipes, fans etc., and control systems, can be used for proper thermal solutions which can be a boost for the test socket thermal solutions market.

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The drivers of the test socket thermal solutions market are:

The Test socket thermal solutions market is showing growth over the years. The adaptor is specific to the test socket thermal solution. It has condensation control – dry air purge It can accommodate the device in the test socket as well as in a soldered device which is a unique factor of the test socket thermal solutions market. The test socket thermal solution is portable, fluid free operation, Ultra-quiet operation doesn't require much maintenance. It has the latest design tools, on site modelling, advanced analysis, Custom design, expert modeling design and customization. The restraints of the test socket thermal solutions system is that it consumes a large amount of heat.

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Description of the test socket thermal solutions system:

The main parts of the test socket thermal solutions system are the controller, the plunger and the adapter. The test socket thermal solution system has integrated compressor for cooling. The test socket thermal solutions system has a touch screen for imputing the parameters. Plungers are designed in such a way as to accommodate a particular IC size and are attached to the thermal head. Adapters are custom designed as well to interface the thermal head with plunger to the specific IC socket. In addition to heating or cooling the plunger surface, the thermal controller has constant feedback from the plunger to monitor the temperature and supply the necessary electrical input to accurately control the temperature. The main function of thermal head with the plunger is to transfer heat to the IC device. The thermal head along with control system precisely control the temperature of the IC while it is being tested. The thermal head with the plunger and adapter replaces the actual socket lid on top of the test socket.