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GlobalEnergyTransmission Launches Its Crowd Funding Campaign

Aims to build Planetary Energy Transmitter for a new reusable source of energy


Moscow, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2014 -- GlobalEnergyTransmission has launched its crowd funding Planetary Energy Transmitter campaign on indiegogo that could lead to new reusable source of energy for all.

It was in Dec 1914 that Nikola Tesla, a US citizen had invented handy improvements in Apparatus for Transmitting Electrical Energy. It’s interesting that in 2014 the scope of his experiment is well understood and is on its way of becoming the precursor to a revolution.

The research team at GlobalEnergyTransmission showed interest in Tesla’s work and with the help of its expertise in the field and on the back of the modern day resources it has access to, upped the game by several notches. It has already managed to create a tower model based on the original prototype and its salient feature is that it weighs all of two tons.

Using earth-ionosphere waveguide as a transmission line for ground-wave and electric resonant coupling circuits for getting the transmission efficiency, it has taken a big step towards its goal. To prove wireless energy transmission over the globe is the immediate aim of the program, which has the potential of making massive changes to people’s lives in the long run.

According to those involved in the research, “Transformation of the energy of waves and oscillations in the Solar Wind into waves in the ionosphere are possible and can probably be triggered (or ‘Magnified’) artificially with the help of a worldwide system like the Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter.” Quite simply, it can be a huge game changer in the way people look at energy today and offer them a completely different source for it.

Finding a new source of energy for mankind is a pressing need and the research undertaken by the company is a step in the right direction. Now anyone who wants to be a part of the project can look at the Planetary Energy Transmitter campaign on indiegogo. The crowd funding campaign is hoping to raise $800,000 to see the project through. GlobalEnergyTransmission has offered them a clear plan of experiments with this first tower of the Worldwide Energy System to know exactly what they are getting into

About GlobalEnergyTransmission
GlobalEnergyTransmission and its research team has taken the work of Nicola Tesla further to build a lightweight model and aims to raise funds for the project that could give people access to a new reusable source of energy.

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