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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2022 -- Big Data is a booming industry that is growing by the second, especially with the enhanced use of data across the globe. The sector will continue to grow rapidly as society becomes more reliant on technology, with more than 150 zettabytes of data that will need analysis by 2025. Companies in the industry are having to think hard and fast about the moves they should make to ensure they thrive during this boom especially when it comes to recruiting the right candidates.

Glocomms is a leading recruiter in the market that offers recruitment services for the data & analytics sector. Their team understands your requirements for specific skills and specialisms, aspirations, and key values, to help you find the best candidates for the job. Whether it's entire project teams or filling a short term need, they have a solution to fit your requirements Glocomms have one of the largest talent networks of data & analytics hires and are uniquely placed to offer bespoke solutions whatever your hiring needs are.

A tailored approach allows Glocomms to deliver best-in-class candidates every time. The company supports global corporations through ambitious local start-ups, helping the organisation achieve their business goals. The company illuminates the gaps where their clients need the most help to transform their data-fuelled business processes. They have developed an in-depth knowledge of each marketplace and its emerging trends, as well as the different types of organisation that they work with and their diverse skill requirements.

"Around the globe, the amount of data being created every year will grow exponentially if previous years are any indicator," commented Paul Norman, Executive Director at Glocomms. He went on to say, "Our team helps our clients find and secure talent specialising in finding the right Big Data talent that meets all the requirements."

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