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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2022 -- Cloud is a booming industry in the world especially as the worldwide data is estimated to grow to 175 zettabytes. The industry has gone into overdrive as businesses all over the world have sought new, more flexible ways to function during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even before the pandemic, cloud infrastructure careers across the USA were a burgeoning area, with the global market forecast to significantly increase year on year. With the expansion of the cloud, there is also an increasing demand for qualified personnel certified to work with cloud technology and infrastructure.

Glocomms is a popular recruitment agency in the USA that offers recruitment services for the cloud and infrastructure sectors. The company supports a growing network of offices that specialise in highly niche vertical markets with a mission to increase access to talent within these markets. With a major focus on smart recruitment, the company provides its clients with multi-disciplinary candidates with exceptional skills. Their in-depth business intelligence and consultative recruiting approach yield right-fit candidates for mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies across the sector.

They help businesses expedite cloud initiatives through expertise and a nationwide network to recruit the cloud industry's most accomplished professionals. Their recruiting prowess helps companies successfully transition from on-premises environments to public and private clouds, hybrid architectures, and managed services, including data protection and cybersecurity. The company leads businesses directly to professionals with track records in informed decision-making, employee and customer-centric cloud performance, and a demonstrated ability to maximize employer investments. Businesses looking to recruit top talents can check out Glocomms' website for more information.

"Everyone is using the cloud, from tech companies transferring huge amounts of data to your grandparents checking out your birthday photos on Dropbox - cloud computing has made its way into every aspect of our lives," commented Kieran Behan, Managing Director at Glocomms. He went on to say, "Our team helps businesses find and secure talent specialising in the cloud that meets all the requirements."

Glocomms has been at the heart of IT & tech recruitment in the USA since the firm was first established in 2013. The firm is a leading specialist in IT & tech recruitment and also has a robust international presence renowned for its hiring approach across various IT sectors. The company has a 750-strong global workforce that extends to 60 countries and is the go to recruitment partner of choice for hundreds of industry-leading enterprises as part of the Phaidon International group.

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Glocomms USA goes above and beyond when it comes to recruitment for the tech sector. Whether it's issues of diversity or ensuring that clients and candidates remain up to date with the latest news that could affect the recruitment process, the firm is committed to being exceptional at every turn. As part of the Phaidon International group, they work alongside 71 world-leading companies as a preferred recruitment partner to find the tech talent they need, so they can focus on what they do best – redefining the game.

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