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GloFX Glasses Unveils New Website with 100,000 Customization Options

New site allows users to easily find and customize the perfect diffraction glasses, reports GloFX Glasses


Tallahassee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2014 -- In the last several years, a new element has taken the EDM rave scene by storm: light diffraction glasses. Raves aren't the only parties that are enhanced by these special lenses, though. Specialized diffraction glasses are handed out at fireworks shows, IMAX movies, EDM music festivals, and other unexpected places. All of this demand has been a huge boom for GloFX Glasses, which has launched a new site that offers a whopping 100,000 different customization options.

"The names used for diffraction glasses vary depending on what type of event the wearer usually uses them for," said Dan Watkins of GloFX. "Therefore, many people think of them as rave glasses, movie glasses, or simply party glasses. In any case, they all do the same thing. They convert any light source into fun, colorful bursts of light."

Thanks to the variety of events in which these glasses are used, an equally huge variety of options exist. "Theaters and fireworks shows often choose the cheapest models because the event organizers will be handing them out for free," Watkins explained. "With these models, all of the effort goes into the lenses and custom branding and printing, while the frames are made of simple paper cardboard. Regular rave-goers, on the other hand, usually won't be getting any free glasses at their parties. These people put a lot more thought into their glasses selection."

It's these regular partygoers who will get the most enjoyment out of GloFX's massive array of options. The best glasses come in a wide variety of styles that allow wearers to show both fashion and personality. Top-level styles even have lights of their own, so looking at the wearer provides a bit of a show in and of itself. These options satisfy the user's need to not only see a great view, but present one as well.

"Regular users pay attention to more than fashion," Watkins said. "They also want to be sure that their glasses are going to last. We offer many durable selections, and some are almost indestructible. These are great choices for people who frequently attend raves or other parties where plenty of physical activity is expected."

GloFX Glasses also provides many options for the mid-range user, who may attend a couple of parties a year but doesn't want to make a significant investment in rave accessories. Glasses meant for this group have sturdy frames, but don't emphasize fashion. Instead, the focus is put on the visual effects produced by the lenses.

"Our lenses provide up to three times more diffraction effects than those of the competition," Watkins added. "This is one of the big reasons rave-goers have made our company one of the world's leading producers of diffraction glasses and our support continues to grow every day."

About GloFX Glasses
GloFX Glasses is a new branch of GloFX LED & Glow Products, which started out as a small company that simply wanted to provide a better experience to rave-goers and show attendees. Through constant research and innovation, it has succeeded at these goals. Now, GloFX continues to strive to make even more improvements so that each generation of glasses, and all products, is better than the last.