Gluten Free Bounty Helps Go Gluten Free and Continue to Enjoy Food

New Platform helps Coeliac’s by providing them with the latest information on their condition, and free recipes to ease the transition to gluten free diet.


Ashkelon, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- The team at Gluten Free Bounty ( is excited to start the New Year with the launch of their new online platform for those suffering from Coeliac disease, aka gluten intolerance. Their aim is to become the hub for the sharing of information and recipes with sufferers, and those trying to avoid overly processed grains in their diet.

“Modern wheat, rye, and barley are problematic for Coeliac’s and non Coeliac’s alike” Says a company spokesperson, “To start, they are not your grandmothers grains, today grains are so heavily processed, refined, and bleached, Coeliac or not, they just are not good for you.”

Gluten free cooking has come a long way since it first started several decades ago. Historically someone with Coeliac disease ended up eating a bland diet of meet and vegetables. These advancements mean if you give a non-Coeliac a batch of gluten free muffins, they won’t know the difference between these muffins and muffins made with wheat, rye, and barley. Gluten Free Bounty aims to ease the difficult adjustment by providing delicious new recipes on a daily basis.

Further studies and books published, including the recent best seller, “the wheat belly” highlight how heavily refined modern grains have negatively impacted the health of the population. Even those without the inflammatory bowel disease, known as Coeliac should seriously consider eliminating gluten from their diet for the related health benefits. A great place to start is by substituting your family’s morning muffins for gluten free muffin.

About Gluten free Bounty
Gluten Free Bounty is a new web platform for individuals with gluten intolerance. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, the condition is known as Coeliac or Caliac. Gluten Free Bounty strives to provide the latest information on the disease and its treatment, as well as daily high quality gluten free recipes to help Coeliac’s continue to enjoy a wide variety of foods.

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