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Gluten Free Diet Can Prevent Metabolic Disorders Study Confirms, Watchfit Expert Reveals the Easiest Way to Go Gluten Free


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- Gluten is one of the most used foods of modern time - you'll find it in bread, pasta, pastries, cereals, beer, gravy, dressings etc. As tasty and delicious, it is established that around 10% of world population suffer from gluten intolerance - or celiac disease - causing diarrhea, gas, bloating, vomiting, constipation, nausea, skin irritation, malabsorption, weight loss, anemia, chronic fatigue, weakness, muscle cramps, neurological complaints. These people must avoid gluten full stop.

Nowadays you can find gluten free alternatives to most of traditional products. Recently, those gluten free options have been spotted by nutritionists and a lot of diets have excluded gluten, claiming that it's damaging weight loss.

A research team (F L Soares et al) set out to assess whether gluten exclusion can prevent the development and expansion of adipose tissue. Specifically, they wanted to determine if a gluten-free diet reduces adiposity, inflammation and insulin resistance associated with the induction of PPAR-alpha and PPAR-gamma expression. For their study, they fed a high-fat diet containing 4.5% gluten to a control group of mice, and a gluten-free diet to another group of mice. The gluten-free mice had less body weight gain and adiposity, with no changes in food intake or lipid excretion. Gluten-free mice also showed improved glucose homeostasis. The study data support the beneficial effects of gluten-free diets in reducing adiposity gain, inflammation and insulin resistance. The data suggests that a gluten-free diet should be tested as a new dietary approach to preventing obesity and metabolic disorders.

Are you up for the no gluten challenge? Is going gluten free right for you?

Magdalena Bibik, nutritionist, keynote speaker, and Watchfit expert reveals the effortless way to exclude gluten from one’s diet:

1. Browse the store for alternatives.

In most supermarkets store a lot of gluten free options to traditional products such as bread, cereal, cookies etc. Why not try corn bread or rice bread? You might find a new favorite!

2. Bake your own bread.

Make your own gluten free flour blend, using things like sweet rice flour, and potato starch. For more suggestions, follow this blog.

3. Adapt the paleo lifestyle.

Paleo is naturally gluten free and after a while you won't even miss all the things containing gluten!

Read more about Paleo here

“Most people don't suffer from gluten intolerance, and for them, gluten is totally safe to eat. However, if you are aiming to lose weight, then a gluten free nutrition regimen can, in fact, get you there faster”, Bibik concludes.

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