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Industry Trends: Gluten Free Malt Extracts Market to Capture Global Industry with a Huge Growth by 2027

Gluten Free Malt Extracts Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 - 2027


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2018 -- While the jury is still out on whether gluten is indeed harmful for all humans with independent metabolisms or it is just something that those with celiac disease must not consume, the radical rise of social media owing to the ubiquity of smartphones has spread the word against gluten and now, a larger pool of urban population are shifting towards food products that refrain from gluten. This trend has given birth to the gluten free malt extracts market, and it is gaining demand across the globe at a prominent CAGR. Malt extracts have long been used for the production of hamburger buns, bakery products, sandwich bread, pizza crusts, and other bread concentrates but now, the products made from gluten free malt extracts are now gaining demand and the market for the same is flourishing.

In addition to that, malt is one of the primary ingredient for the production of beer, a drink that has strong demand in all parts of the world, be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Urban populations are now willing to pay extra for beer that is produced during malt that was gluten free, and this factor has provided a major thrust to the global gluten free malt extracts.

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This report on the global gluten free malt extracts is a comprehensive study on the current condition and provides estimations on its future prospects. Beginning with an executive summary on the current scenario, the report dives into analyzing every important dynamic such as drivers and restraints, and segments it into smaller aspects. One of the key benefit of this global report is that it has evaluated the potential of gluten free malt extracts market in every important region and country, providing historical figures on how the demand has evolved and explaining where it is probably headed.

Gluten free malt extracts are extracted from grains which do not contain gluten. Few of these grains are millet, buckwheat, rice, sorghum etc. Gluten free malt extracts also enhance flavor in gluten free malt products. Manufacturers can use the term "gluten free" only if they comply with the gluten free rule of FDA. They can label their products as "gluten free" when the product contains gluten less than 20 ppm i.e. 20 parts per million. A common occurring protein in most of the grains like barley, oats, rye is gluten. The increase in the number of digestive disorders and autoimmune disorders like Celiac disease, gluten insensitivity created the need for gluten free products. Gluten free malt extracts are prepared by using amylase enzymes which help in the conversion of starch into sugar, which is further fermented by brewing of the yeast.

Gluten Free Malt Extract: Market Dynamics

The products with gluten free malt extracts are consumed in order to reduce the risk of Celiac disease. There is increase in the number of Celiac disease patients around the globe especially in US. Many people in the developed countries have started brewing malt at home in order to ensure that the malt is actually gluten free. The reason behind this is intolerance to gluten intake. People are either themselves suffering from Celiac disease or their dear ones are suffering which compels them to brew at home. This in future can jeopardize the business of companies brewing for commercial purposes. Malt is one of the major ingredients for preparation of beer. The yearly consumption of beers in USA is in gallons. The use of gluten free malt extract for the preparation of beer is a prerequisite for health of the people who consume beer frequently.

Some companies develop their own gluten free malt extract and use it for the preparation of its final product. Maintaining quality standards from the point of growing or sourcing raw materials till the time of production and sale of final product is one of their marketing strategy. There are also supermarkets in cosmopolitan cities such as Tokyo which keep a wide range of gluten free products only in one super market.

Gluten free malt extracts are used in the production of bakery and confectionary items. Hamburger buns, pizza crust, tortillas, white bread, sandwich bread, bread concentrates etc. can be prepared from gluten free malt extracts. Ready to eat and instant oats, soups, pizza wraps, pocket sandwiches can also be prepared using gluten free malt extracts. It can also help in producing baking flour and multi-purpose flour. It is also used as an ingredient in pastries, cupcakes, pan cakes, cheese cakes, muffins, cookies etc. Vinegar is also made from gluten free malt extracts. Gluten free malt extracts are used in the brewing of beer and other alcoholic beverages. They are also used in preparing tea and coffee powder. Syrups used to in breweries are also made from gluten free malt extracts. Port, spirits, sherry, wine, cider, sodas, cordials, flavored water and fruit juices are other beverages prepared from gluten free malt extracts as a major ingredient. Gluten free malt extracts are used for preparing protein powders and energy drinks. Some cosmetics are also prepared from gluten free malt extracts. Cosmetics which contain gluten can cause dermatitis herpetiformis in humans.

Gluten Free Malt Extracts: Regional Overview

The demand for gluten free products is significant in North America as compared to the demand of gluten free products in APAC countries. Around 1 % of the population of USA is suffering from Celiac disease and the number is expected to rise only in the coming years instead of increasing. Different countries have different criteria of labelling a product as gluten free. In some European countries products less than 100ppm are labelled as gluten free whereas in North America it should be less than 20ppm. This difference in labeling is an obstacle in foreign trade i.e. import and export of gluten free malt products from one country to another.

Gluten Free Malt Extracts Market Players are as follows EDME Limited Company, Senson, Briess Malt & Ingredients, General Mills, Colorado Malting Company, Canyon Bakehouse.

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Gluten Free Malt Extracts: Market Segmentation

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