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GN Endocrinology Diagnoses and Treats Problems with Endocrine System


Dekalb, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2017 -- People who are having trouble with their cholesterol levels, blood pressure levels, or weight loss regimen can turn to GN Endocrinology for assistance. Based in DeKalb, IL., this company also has locations in Hobart and Munster, IN. Led by Dr. Amer Kassar, GN Endocrinology diagnoses and treats problems with the endocrine system so that people throughout these areas can find a better way to improve their quality of life.

Health may be something people take for granted when nothing is wrong, but it is also something that they worry about constantly when it starts to falter. The endocrine system is one of the most important, albeit one of the most forgotten, systems of the body. In fact, it helps manage the production of hormones, and when it malfunctions, it can affect sleep, appearance, weight and mood. Fortunately, GN Endocrinology focuses on this system when it comes to the health of the human body. Dr. Kassar can help people with various treatments of the endocrine system.

When someone is under the treatment of a licensed endocrinologist, their hormone imbalances can be treated, and their health can be restored. At GN Endocrinology, the team of experts will use modern medical technology to treat disorders such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and other serious conditions. Dr. Kassar has years of specialized training when it comes to treating endocrine disorders. He has also treated thousands of patients and helped them increase their quality of life in the process.

To learn more about receiving treatment for any issues with the endocrine system, contact GN Endocrinology at 219-230-4150.

About GN Endocrinology
GN Endocrinology is a medical doctor's office, located in Dekalb, IL Munster, IN, and Hobart, IN, with an experienced staff who diagnose and treat problems with the endocrine system. Dr. Amer Kassar, the Chief Medical Officer, has dedicated his medical practice to helping patients experience relief from serious health conditions. GN Endocrinology offers the best weight loss program throughout Dekalb, Illinois, and Hobart and Munster, Indiana.

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