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GN Endocrinology Helps Residents Manage Obesity


Dekalb, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2017 -- Local residents looking to lose weight this summer are turning to the experts at GN Endocrinology for solutions and for help curbing their obesity. As one of the top sources for weight loss programs in Sycamore IL, the medical experts at GN Endocrinology say that they are happy to help residents live a healthier and longer life by fighting the obesity crisis in America.

In adults over the age of twenty, more than two-thirds (about 70%) of men and women are considered to be medically overweight or obese. The main symptom of obesity is a large and unhealthy amount of body fat, usually totaling at least 30% of body composition, and can contribute to severe health issues later in life if left unchecked. Obesity has been linked to over one hundred health problems, ranging from minor back pain and snoring to type 2 diabetes and even fatal heart disease and strokes.

The medical experts at GN Endocrinology are helping local residents fight back against obesity and lose weight in Sycamore IL. By focusing on setting achievable goals, curbing overeating, increasing exercise levels, and setting a manageable healthy diet plan, experts are helping residents to take back control of their bodies while looking and feeling better every day. The experts at GN Endocrinology help patients to determine the root cause of their weight issues so they can make lifestyle changes, not go on another diet.

Anyone looking to lose weight this summer and combat their obesity is urged to contact GN Endocrinology at 219-230-4150 to schedule an appointment today.

About GN Endocrinology
GN Endocrinology is a medical doctor's office, located in Dekalb, IL Munster, IN, and Hobart, IN, with an experienced staff who diagnose and treat problems with the endocrine system. Dr. Amer Kassar, the Chief Medical Officer, has dedicated his medical practice to helping patients experience relief from serious health conditions. GN Endocrinology offers the best weight loss program throughout Dekalb, Illinois, and Hobart and Munster, Indiana.