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Go Green Lawn Services Announces Residential Organic Mosquito Control Is Available


West Chester, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2017 -- Go Green Lawn Services, a company that provides all natural lawn care services in Kennett Square and the surrounding areas, is pleased to announce that they're now offering residential organic mosquito control services. Specifically, the company uses a 100% organic product called Tick Killz to effectively kill mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other pests at residential properties on contact.

Aside from killing pests, Tick Killz also offers (on average) up to 30 days of residual repellent benefit after every application. One of the many other benefits of this product is that it's 25b exempt, which means there's no EPA pesticide registration number, and that it's safe to use around people, pets, and the environment. Another benefit is that it won't harm beneficial insects such as earthworms, butterflies, and bees. To learn more about Tick Killz, or schedule one of their technicians to come out and spray the product around a home, please give them a call at 610-285-7947, or fill out a contact form on their site, http://gogreenlawnservices.com.

Aside from announcing their organic mosquito control, Go Green Lawn Services would also like to let everyone know that they're booking customers in need of spring or summer lawn care services. In fact, the company urges that customers who are interested in preventing crabgrass from growing on their properties this spring get in touch with them immediately. Crabgrass is the biggest weed problem throughout Pennsylvania, and can quickly turn lawns from being picture-perfect to repugnant by the end of the summer. Go Green Lawn Services helps keep crabgrass and other types of weeds at bay with their timely pre and post-emergent biological, all natural treatments.

To learn more about this leading organic residential lawn services company that serves Harleysville, PA and many other local communities, please visit them their website today.

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Go Green Lawn Services is a lawn and tree care company headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The company uses safe, natural, and organic lawn care products that help to grow lush, thick lawns for all of their customers in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Aside from their lawn and tree care services, the company also offers preventative pest control, mowing, and landscaping services.

To learn more about Go Green Lawn Services, please visit http://gogreenlawnservices.com.